Author Topic: Idaho unit 19/20 or Panhandle  (Read 377 times)

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Idaho unit 19/20 or Panhandle
« on: October 31, 2020, 09:15:08 AM »
This is a last minute change of plans for us and our deer hunting plans. Looking for some intel to help guide us to a new location. It will be my 2 brothers, My dad and my uncle flying out from new hampshire

Our original plan was to hike in about 7-10 miles and spike camp in unit 17. after deer hunting in washington my brothers and i decided our dad is not in good enough shape to do our original hunt and for it still to be fun. So thats where we are right now. We leave next weekend for about a week of hunting.

Ideally we would like to hunt mule deer but are 100% good with a full on whitetail hunt. The options we see now are;
Unit 19/20
Come in from dixie and camp somewhere in the unit and hunt the tops for whitetail and mule deer and skirt the edges of the drop offs down to the salmon river for mule deer. my question here is snow and accessibility. looks like the roads up top are 5000' to 6500'. i know there was a big snow last week so is there even a viable option? plus it looks like another cold snap next weekend, would a big snow make this unhuntable? are the animals even on top at that elevation with snow? how much deer are there?

Panhandle units for whitetail;
Units 1 or unit 6 kinda look good to us. but we are open to anything. we feel more confident in finding an area up here and getting on deer but we still have not done it before so would be open to any general pointers. We like to hike and get in behind gates but still would like some areas for some easier hunts.

I would gladly trade a puget sound salmon fishing trip for any info helping us get dialed! Thank you guys!


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Re: Idaho unit 19/20 or Panhandle
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2020, 09:22:33 AM »
Snow and access will be an issue. Dixie is a long ways into the back country. From my knowledge there still may be some deer on top but majority will be heading down to the river. And going down to the river after them is next to impossible.

If you have the general tag I would look at unit 1. It's got options for both high country and low land hunting. 

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Re: Idaho unit 19/20 or Panhandle
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2020, 10:03:38 PM »
I am unfamiliar with that area, but was in 10a,10 and 12 last week and the snow was so deep at 3500' you couldnt drive. 6,000 in that area had 20" with more coming


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