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« Reply #30 on: February 22, 2021, 06:43:09 PM »
It's become more and more common for us to be having these conversations among the moderators and it seems like our classifieds boards are being taken advantage of more and more lately.

Please be aware that the purpose of our classifieds is for folks to sell random stuff they want to get rid of. Things that are collecting dust, maybe you want to sell a rifle in order to upgrade, maybe you have something you got from your aunt for Christmas that you don't like and you want to sell it.  Maybe you're cleaning out the garage and found a bunch of stuff you forgot you had.

The classifieds here are not for business dealings. If you're fabricating items to sell...we consider that a business. If you're raising beef to sell, that's what we consider a business. If you're selling ammo to generate a profit, that's another example of what we'd consider a business.  Maybe not the dictionary definition of a business, but we're not using a dictionary. Please understand that if any of these descriptions come close to describing what you're doing, you probably need to pay up and become a site sponsor in order to advertise your products here. It's not expensive. Plenty of people have done it without having any qualms about it. The site was not created, nor is it run, as primarily a classifieds site. This is a hunting community first and foremost.

The guy who owns this site uses the money he generates from advertising to keep the site up and running.  We don't keep the forum up and running for people to sell their products, promote their businesses, etc. unless you contribute to the forum in the form of site sponsorship.
Here's the link to where you'd go to become a legit sponsor:
Please understand that if we nuke your ad, it's because you broke a rule.

" In today's instant gratification society, more and more pressure revolves around success and the measurement of one's prowess as a hunter by inches on a score chart or field photos produced on social media. Don't fall into the trap. Hunting is-and always will be- about the hunt, the adventure, the views, and time spent with close friends and family. " Ryan Hatfield

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