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« Reply #105 on: August 01, 2021, 12:25:09 PM »
All these comments regaurding Indians are irrelevant. We need to focus on predators which we can force some control over.
Yes we need to focus on predators you are correct there, but something has to be done about the natives also.  It is going be a slaughter fest up there now, now that lick creek has burned.  That was one of the thickest parts of the blues.  But the Indians will have a hay day in there just like they do on willow once the snow flies.

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So take my :twocents: for what is worth. I won't begin to try to explain blues dynamics beyond the limited knowledge and understanding I have. Something needs done? I do not disagree, but we may have differing opinions on the path forward. I think there is tremendous opportunity in partnership. Natives have tools in the toolbox that the wdfw doesn't. Natives also have an absolute need beyond an interest to perpetuate ungulate populations. So conservation should be a common goal but that conversation seldom happens, instead we (all) cast stones and play the blame game. This is extremely common at every level. Another point, speaking more specifically about the blues and the career efforts of past professionals is mature bull recruitment. This is the root of much of the animosity, this is a management scheme not necessarily a biological necessity.  I do not think this scheme (although admirable) should be at the forefront  of the conversation. This is a tough one for rank and file hunters. I can tell you first hand that the easiest way out is to throw your hands up and say why try, both sides of the coin.  Another reality is threat recognition, it's not native harvest, our numbers continue to fall in terms of overall harvest (I cannot speak for tribes that hunt the blues) just as hunter effort declines. One thing that is true is we are all being pushed into and onto a smaller landscape, thus making any occurrence a greater impact.  Predators as well as the development and attention to the conflict portion of wildlife management (conflict management is also not unique to Washington in terms of management metric). Somewhere we stopped measuring yields and started measuring impact, this is even understandable in a corporate local mindset. Many agricultural operations now answer to a larger management group with lobbyists and efficiency audits vs the neighbors who homesteaded or the local co-op. This is an absolute and trackable impact in the blues. There are a few on here that could speak very specifically on the state of affairs through a broad lens but doubt they will speak up.  So I guess my thoughts are that the wedge of division is somewhat of a trap that we not only fall into but welcome upon ourselves.  So next time somebody wants to "do something about the natives" try starting with a conversation with one.  We have years of animosity to unravel but if we want future generations to hunt we have to change our mindset and approach, from both aspects.  There is also accountability in management and quite possibly where the conversation should be channeled through.  Again that's my :twocents: that could very well be overvalued.


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