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Author Topic: BPS 16ga and the Blues, grouse that is...  (Read 1841 times)

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BPS 16ga and the Blues, grouse that is...
« on: September 19, 2007, 05:08:24 PM »
Last weekend I finally got to take the new BPS to the woods. This new gun just seems to fit me well. It comes to point easily and the raised rib keeps me in line on the bird. I haven't noticed the weight being much different than my other shotguns. So when I got back I decided to weigh them all.

BPS: 7lbs 1oz
870 16: 6lbs 10oz
870 28: 6lbs 2oz
Citori 12: 7lbs 5oz
Rizzini sxs: 6lbs 10oz

Meanwhile back in the Okanogan... I came up to a group of blues at a bend in the trail. They were uphill of me a bit and as they rose I hit the first one with 7 1/2's. It dropped but started to fly again as I swung on number two. Number two dropped like a rock. Number one was struggling to gain some elevation but couldn't land in the fir limb it was headed for and dropped.
Of course it dropped on the far side of the ravine with thick brush in between. I managed to get to the general area and actually found it. Yes, I hunt without a dog, something that's going to change in the future.

Being choked with IC the 7 1/2's didn't have much punch at about 30 yards or so. I may change to 6's or Mod choke as the season moves on. The shells were right at my feet, no need to look around for them as with my 870's. The gun cycles flawlessly and the trigger pull isn't even noticed with deerskin gloves on. I've enjoyed returning to a pump gun of late, despite having 2 fine double barrel guns. This gun's a keeper for sure and the third round is a bonus when a bunch of birds flush.

Later in the day and in a different area I flushed 5 Ruffs and never had a chance to fire a single shot. They had waited until I passed them and broke in different directions. Also in the same general area I stumbled on about a dozen Merriams trotting through the timber. They took a wide path around me and I just stood and watched them trot on. I may have to come back in the spring and see how many survived.

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Re: BPS 16ga and the Blues, grouse that is...
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2007, 08:34:19 AM »
Roper, congratulations on your new new 16ga. BPS and your nice hunt with it.

I'm feeling the "wodda...shudda...didn't" blues about the 16ga. BPS (a 16ga. on a 20ga. receiver). I was planning to order one...didn't.  :bash:

Already, I own a 16ga. Remington M31L pump and a 16ga. DeHaan S2 SXS; so, I held off. I hope Browning takes the hint and make it a regular offering.
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