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Author Topic: Elk Tactics 2017 - Episode #6  (Read 460 times)

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Elk Tactics 2017 - Episode #6
« on: February 09, 2017, 02:24:42 PM »
Elk Tactics 2017 - Episode #6

Date/Time: 20 September, 2017/7:30ish AM
 Location: Somewhere in the elk woods
 Hunt Pressure Status: Minimal
 Hunt: Partner Hunt
 Tag: Archery tag; any bull

 Sorry, no pic for this installment, just put on your elk thinking cap for this one  ;)

 As you're making your way up an old pack trail that runs along the side hill of a huge timbered basin (with gratuitous patches of 10' high alder mixed in), you decide to throw out a few soft cow mews to see if anybody is interested in chatting with you on this fine September morning. You're approaching a benched area on the side hill trail that has a few small meadows and at present time, you're about 1/4 of the way up the side hill (small creek in the bottom) from the bottom on this ascending trail. You set your partner up just below the trail and climb the side hill about 25 yards, knock an arrow, and throw out some soft, sultry cow mews and a few calf chirps.

 The formerly quiet hillside now seems to come alive. Below the trail, 100 yards or so farther up the draw, you hear a bull bugle and chuckle 4-5 times on the tail end. Immediately after bull #1 makes his presence known, you hear some hard-hitting grunts followed by a nasty challenge bugle above the trail from bull #2, farther up the draw perhaps 150 yards. Terrain is some open timber pockets with a goodly amount of alder choked patches in between the timber outcroppings. As you make eye contact with your partner below the trail, he gives you hand signs that he sees three or more cows (having some hand signal language with your partner is important) above the trail close to where bull #2 bellowed.

 What could these fellas be talking about? After taking a stab at deciphering what these sounds may mean in the situation given, what are your options/plan to get a shot at one of the bulls?
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Re: Elk Tactics 2017 - Episode #6
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2017, 05:35:24 PM »
So right after you cow call, Bull #1 bugles below you as if to say "Hey Girl, walk down here for some sweet lovin". This upsets the herd bull (Bull #2) who has cows and thinks you are one of his girls falling behind and may be enticed into an act of adultery by Bull #1.

So you check the wind and hope it's blowing into your face. Your partner sees cows and will most likely be busted if he moves toward Bull #2. He should try and move toward Bull #1 wind permitting. You should position yourself between the two bulls without being busted by cows.

If the Bulls keep talking to each other you should be able to slip in between them. Once you do, give one really enticing estrus call. Bull #2 will come fast. Have shooting lanes and be ready.

Your partner can play the same roll toward the lower Bull #1. Chances are, the wind will bust one if not both of you. But that's elk hunting.


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