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Author Topic: Moose charges cyclist outside JBER on FB live stream  (Read 192 times)

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Moose charges cyclist outside JBER on FB live stream
« on: May 22, 2018, 04:07:03 PM »
Starting to see a common theme here...
Riding up on a cow with calves? Really?

A momma moose caused some trouble on a trail next to the Glenn Highway Monday afternoon.

At least two cyclists had run-ins with the cow and her calves Monday-- both witnessed by KTVA's Joe Vigil.

But, one interaction was so scary that Joe and his photojournalist intervened to keep the cyclist safe-- and the whole thing was captured on our Facebook LIVE.

In the live stream, you can see the momma moose-- with calves nearby-- lunges at a rider. That rider goes down but wasn't hit by the moose. He stayed down for a while.

Video & rest of the story here-

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