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Sons first Turkey
« on: September 27, 2020, 03:27:43 PM »
So my son Lyan is on a roll, first he harvested a buck earlier in month and now his first turkey. Not quite the order he wanted, when he passed Hunters safety, Turkey was number one on hit list. Bear is next on his list. Think I got my partner for the rest of my life. Proud of this little man. We were able to talk a fair size Tom into bow range at first light. He was kinda strutting around and finally stop to give Lyan a shot. Lyan drew, asked “15 yards?” I told him yes. Lyan took aim and released. Clean miss  :'( Lyan was noticeably upset and I told him we all miss. We sat for a little longer and the Tom returned. This time at 20 yards he stopped and would come no further. Lyan took his shot and again missed. He said to me, “These stupid big broadheads (Magnus Bullheads) shoot stupid” We climbed out of blind and headed home. On way home he asked “Can I just shoot my regular broadheads and shoot one in heart?” I told him he could do that on evening hunt. We got back to house ate and I added adder points behind Lyans G5 Montec’s as he watch YouTube videos of turkey shot placement. We headed out again and set up for evening. We set up in different part of property figuring the original spot wouldn’t see much action. We sat till almost 7 and I let Lyan know we would have to leave in few mins. Lyan said Ok and then right after leaned over to say he heard turkeys. As we set, 5 jakes came around blind and walked right in front of us. Lyan drew, made a kissing sound, and when they stopped, center punched biggest one. He flopped around for few seconds, then got to feet and started running. We watched him slow and and fall over. After the hug and congratulations we retrieved in Turkey. Great day in the field  Added bonus, he had his grandpa with him. When we left he told me “Grandpa is with us too” My Dad, my first hunting partner, passed away in March. Lyan wears a memorial charm with his remains. He was avid Salmon fisherman. Second time this month he made me cry
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Re: Sons first Turkey
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2020, 03:30:51 PM »
It doesn’t get much better than that!
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Re: Sons first Turkey
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2020, 03:36:10 PM »
Congratulations! Great smiles.
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Re: Sons first Turkey
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2020, 03:41:27 PM »
Awesome sharing.

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