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Rogers 3 in 1 breathable waders review
« on: January 31, 2021, 12:25:58 PM »
I placed an order on November 18th 2019 for Rogers 3-in-1 breatheable waders. These were used a maximum of 20 times since then.

Yesterday I felt water in one of the boots and today I filled the waders with water and find that the rubber of the boot is cracking It is only this one small area that is cracked but as I look at other locations on both boots, the cracks are forming everywhere.

The boots have never been stored exposed to UV or other harsh conditions.

I've had rubber boots last for many years, so this can only mean that the polymer is of inferior quality. Basically the polymer starts to de-crosslink because of poor specification of materials and/or process.

I think this is widespread in the waders industry because it seems that its not possible to purchase quality waders.

I purchased the Rogers 3-in-1 waders for $219. I'll try to coat the leak site and areas which are exhibiting the cracking with Aquaseal. But the Rogers 3-in- 1 Breatheable waders are junk.

I am a lover of irony and never fail to find it in every situation involving humans. Humans say that the planet is being overwhelmed by plastics, in the oceans and everywhere. Then we make products which have the potential to be long-lived if only good practice is followed, but are instead made shoddily. So I'll be throwing ten or fifteen pounds of polymers into the trash. I'm going to buy myself a "save the planet" bumper sticker because humans are such a reasonable choice as the stewards of all of this.


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