Author Topic: Montana Legislator Travels To Denver, Makes Colorado Wolf Reintroduction Pitch  (Read 1698 times)

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This guy's a wingnut. I have a buddy in Bozeman who knows him. He's so obsessed with wolves, he's going to other states to promote them with lies about how much they've helped MT. What a freak.
"Restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens based on the actions of criminals and madmen will have no positive effect on the future acts of criminals and madmen. It will only serve to reduce individual rights and the very security of our republic." - Pianoman

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What a moron.......I am so sick of these types of agenda driven liars.  Not overly fond of the fools that believe this garbage either.

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It is stated the man is a wildlife biologist, pretty sure his degree is in wildlife ecology.  Not to nit pick but not the same.  With current laws and attitudes the wolf will soon be, if not already, thriving in Colorado.  Colorado should give them the same status as a coyote and not spend a dime on them.  Damage to private property excepted.

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What a moron.......I am so sick of these types of agenda driven liars.  Not overly fond of the fools that believe this garbage either.
They're all over, I've met with some great bios and students seeking a masters or even phd in the field, but the honest ones are buried.

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Colorado is screwed if they go along with this crap.  Heres a pic i took a couple days ago.  Lets play "count the deer tracks."  How many deer tracks do you see in the snow???

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Bureaucrats & ideologues running the show will doom wildlife in the end. Sickening!


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