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Keep it positive
« on: June 15, 2019, 11:23:03 AM »
Itís that time of year again. Posts are getting nuked. People are mud slinging. This will serve as a reminder to all that we donít tolerate negativity here on the forum. If you donít have something nice to say, donít say anything at all. If you make a negative post bashing someone for something, donít bother asking where your post went. Itíll be gone.
We ask that if the member group sees a post of a negative nature, please click on the ďreport to moderatorĒ tab. We canít see everything all the time, but with your help weíll maintain the more positive, family friendly, new hunter friendly environment that this forum is intended to be.


If you have any questions, all the rules are here:,163263.0.html

" In today's instant gratification society, more and more pressure revolves around success and the measurement of one's prowess as a hunter by inches on a score chart or field photos produced on social media. Don't fall into the trap. Hunting is-and always will be- about the hunt, the adventure, the views, and time spent with close friends and family. " Ryan Hatfield

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