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Re barreled my St louis hawken
« on: August 04, 2020, 02:37:53 PM »
So earlier today while I was looking through my stock pile of parts, I found a 15/16" .50cal CVA Hawken barrel with the 1:48 twist and deep rifling. It was the horrible 3 step crown design which makes loading patched round balls a real booger because its so tight.

The barrel was not a drop in. I know, Traditions, CVA, should be the same thing, but no. The CVA Barrels hooked tang was longer and had a different angle on it. I spent some time fitting it to the traditions tang until the barrel fit in nicely with just the tiniest amount of pressure when you seated it fully in the stock. The drum was way off, so I removed it, cleaned up all the threads and de-greased everything. Re-installed the drum with a little blue loctite on it to keep things firm and got the nipple lined up perfectly with the hammer. I can even use a musket cap without any issues.

Next, the barrel tenon on the cva hawken barrel is 2" forward of where the traditions goes. So off to the vice and I used the tradtional hacksaw/file method and got it done nice and tight. Everything lined up perfectly, wedge key is really snug to where I have to tap it out. And that is the way I like my wedge key to be.

Turns out that this barrel shoots conicals excellent! Now I can go clean the hell out of my traditions barrel and just shoot round balls in it. This cva barrel is TIGHT. That 395gr plainsman bullet i shot today required a short starter to pop them into the muzzle. I'll be doing a little lapping in that barrel to smooth out a tight spot i felt 3/4 way down.

Now when I use conicals, i dont have to lead up my round ball barrel.

3" at 100 yards with 70gr gearhart owen 3fg and the 395gr plainsman.


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