Author Topic: Sea\Puddle duck decoy spreads-Skagit bay and surrounding areas from a boat  (Read 176 times)

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I now have a boat and I expect to be taking it out of first explorations this weekend. Once I get comfortable with the tides and other factors, I expect to be hunting out in the bays around skagit and north snohomish.

Last year (my first duck hunting year) I had my decoys rigged texas style for shallow water ponds/puddles/flooded pasture.

What kind of rig will work best for me this year for my decoys in the areas I expect to hunt from a boat?

Will my rigging be like this?

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Re: Sea\Puddle duck decoy spreads-Skagit bay and surrounding areas from a boat
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2020, 12:09:48 PM »
I've done it similar to that but used smaller clips to save weight and money as well as less chance for something shiny that doesn't look natural on the rare sunny day. 

Most of my main lines have a loop every 6' so I get the spacing decent, I have a tendency to have to laugh at myself sometimes when the sun comes up and I see what I thought was a good spread in the darkness.

I used to tie directly to the main line, but as he mentions it's a nightmare for dogs to get through.  I think my droppers are in the 18-24" range and the dog has no problem going over them now.

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Re: Sea\Puddle duck decoy spreads-Skagit bay and surrounding areas from a boat
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2020, 03:37:47 PM »
agree w/ Stein, 6', or more even, between loops on the main line.

what i do with my long line setups is actually both, it's a texas rig, full line length, w/ a gang line clip. Keel grabber weight with a bungee, just like a normal block setup, but run the tail through the keel and then attach your gang line clip, pull off whatever you want your drop to be (~2' for me, but you can always change it this way) and hold the clip and that slack in one hand w/ the decoy and wind the rest around the keel with the other, then just wrap the drop and clip back around the keel. It does NOT save weight and if you use the bigger clips they'll rattle around in the bag, but the same decoy can be used on your long lines or for tossing, and the line clip can be used as a depth adjuster when throwing them as singles. I keep most of my diver blocks setup this way; somedays the big river requires a full raft, others i'm mixing in a handful in some pocket with coots and widgeon


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