Author Topic: A lot of closed land these days.  (Read 1492 times)

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Re: A lot of closed land these days.
« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2021, 06:12:13 AM »
I have hunted the WPT land for probably the last 10 years. My son and I spent a couple days in various parts this last year and hiked a lot of miles.

As for Turkey I have only ever seen 1 hen with a lone baby while on WPT land and a few tracks in the snow otherwise all the turkey I have seen has been on posted "no trespassing no hunting" private land and I see lots every time I'm up Cedar Valley Rd. As for maps of WPT land good luck finding anything from their website. I have only found maps through internet searches and using the interactive parcel mapping on the Klickitat county website.

I always liked the gated area along HWY 97 near the Monastery Bakery (harvested my first deer 2 miles in) but noticed last year while viewing parcel maps a lot of the land along 97 accessed from the yellow gate with map on kiosk has been sold off to someone from the Goldendale area. It's public record but will refrain from posting his name. I was really hoping it would stay open. I know an alternate way to access the remaining WPT land to the North along the Reservation boundary but will likely need a truck to drive in and I don't have one. My son and I were talking about doing a couple day pack trip into that area this next season.

I know WPT was logging West of Cedar Valley Rd. and South of Lower Rd. last year during the late archery season. I drove by the crew stacking logs and there was an area closed sign at the gate on Lower Rd.

It wasn't un common to see 15+ deer a day on the WPT land but now I'm lucky to see couple. The population has plummeted that's why Grayback has went 3-pt min. for archery this year.

I do hope some of the timber land does remain open and accessible from a gate.
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Re: A lot of closed land these days.
« Reply #16 on: April 19, 2021, 06:26:18 AM »
yes the timber land on west side where it was open to foot traffic now has no trespass signs and the WDFW map in the sign board is no longer in it.

I cant remember the name of that company,I was gonna look up their web site with the permission notice and see what it says now.

that is Stevenson (SDS)
no heís talking about western pacific timber property that runs along side hwy 97. I saw the no trespassing signs on the gate yesterday. Not sure what that was all about but there are lots of other ways to access that property.
No offense intended unless you are accessing the posted property by somewhere other than a gate and if you are you are the reason the lands are getting closed. No Trespassing means the entire parcel of land not just the gate and drive/road into the property.
i donít even hunt that stuff along the hwy. all Iím saying is that Western Pacific still owns 64k acres north of goldendale. The particular piece that the OP is mentioning has sold and I can see that with onX. All Iím saying is there are other ways to access WPT land in that area, they just may require more of a hike. Also there is certainly still a lot of land open to hunt.


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