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Re: Pain pills for dogs
« Reply #30 on: March 16, 2024, 03:02:02 PM »
My hunting dog is 10.5 years old lab. Still hunts hard and chases big geese and ducks all day but then after the hunt heís been getting really sore and I wanna help him out with some pain pills after the big hunts. I called a vet and they said 70$ for visit then do bloodwork for $250. Then pills look like 1.50$ a pill. Is that what I should expect to pay for just some basic pain killers for my dog. Iíve read human pain pills are bad for dogs organs. Just wondering if anyone has any other info before I spend 500$ for some ibuprofen for some sore legs.

I gave my dogs aspirin for years.  It worked fine, until.....

My dog was dying from bone cancer.  I went to the vet and decided to keep him happy for as long as I could.....he prescribed opiates and recommended that I switch them every couple of weeks.

It extended his life by four happy months.  Yeah, no restrictions on bones, steaks, and other treats.

The real funny part, is that we were getting his prescriptions through our pharmacy and the Good RX program which significantly dropped the cost of drugs.

About a month before we finally had to put him down, the pharmacist told me that we were no longer eligible for the discounted pain medication.

It appears to Good RX finally figured out that Bugaboo was NOT a human.  Their program was limited to humans and NOT DOGS.  Yes, Good RX is a speciest  in their values!!! Boycott them.

My question, why did Good RX think that Bugaboo was the name of my child???


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