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Author Topic: Need help for springer plunking setup  (Read 991 times)

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Re: Need help for springer plunking setup
« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2018, 01:08:55 PM »

So I really prefer a spinning rod because I don't want to buy a new reel. I'm having trouble finding any heavy 10-50 pound spinning rods online. The only one in stock that I have found is a ugly stick salmon/ steelhead 14-50 extra heavy 9' moderate fast action. Will this be okay for boat and bank fishing? I don't mind not being able to cast extremely far as long as Im out a good enough distance in the river

I also found an ugly stick big water spinning reel surf rod that's 11' heavy  20-40 pound line.

I'm willing to try a casting rod if I can get a reel for around 40-50 bucks. Seems like many poles are about $70. I'm trying to save all my money for college tuition so I'm looking for the cheapest and best quality if possible. I've casted a baitcaster before so I know how I works I just need practice. I have a huge field at home to practice in if I do end up getting one. I'm just worried about bird nesting expensive braid line trying to learn.
Those rods should work for you. One thing you should know going with a spinning reel and braid, casting with that much weight on can be hard on your index finger especially with a square braid like standard Power Pro. It'll also be critical you don't cross anybody else's line because if they're using mono you'll chafe their line and possibly cost them a fish, that has been the cause of more than one spring time fist fight. Most of my plunking setups have plenty line capacity so I use 30lb Ultra Green. I always take one with braid though, just so I can be the jerk on the bank chafing lines if somebody crowds or continually casts over me.

If you go towards a casting setup you could probably find a used Torium, Sealine, Convector, or open face Penn for a good price.

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Re: Need help for springer plunking setup
« Reply #16 on: March 09, 2018, 11:33:09 PM »
This will be my first year fishing for springers and also from the bank....

We will be dropping lines with kayaks from various locations in the sw area. Mostly exploring and taking notes. We dont fish lead but drop rocks with breakaway leaders instead. If you plan to do some plunking on the weekends let me know, id be more than happy to have you join us and drop your line for you. Advantage of using a kayak is you can run triple single hook set ups without worrying of a tangle. Or having to slide a kwikfish. We had good success on summer steelhead and are hoping to get our numbers dialed in this year for salmon.

Gear wise we are running lamiglas x11, okuma sst, berkley IM8s and testing out the even more affordable shimano scimitar that was just released this winter. Reels we are using okuma cold waters both low pro and round. Line counter is useful for consistent drops in the right slot once found. All running braid 50lb or more power pro or tuff line.

Keep in mind we are line dropping. These rods could be casted in a slower moving river during summer steelhead with 4-5oz depending on location ans tide. If your stuck casting I 2nd the suggestion of a large surf rod. Most are affordable since they are a lot less technical than specific salmon/steelhead rods. And they can double as a jetty rod in the fall fishery.

Im new to this as well but have been soaking up as much knowledge I can and specifically plunking since i dont have a boat and its kid friendly especially come summer. So take anything I say with a grain of salt as i am no pro. BTW both bobs and fishermans have good sales going on right now for springer season, so now would be a good time gear up if possible. Good luck out there!

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Re: Need help for springer plunking setup
« Reply #17 on: March 10, 2018, 08:02:16 AM »
Search YouTube for videos on the “breakaway casting aid” it will save your finger. Im getting one. Long casts with heavy gear without one is painful.

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Re: Need help for springer plunking setup
« Reply #18 on: March 12, 2018, 03:46:40 PM »
I use to use a sturgeon rod as my guide line with a 16 0z weight with about a 3 ft 50 lb mono leader to barrel swivel then maineline. Make sure on top of mainline you put a large corkie to keep your bait from sliding all the way down the guidline to the weight. Cast your guile into desired spot and make sure it's snagged good on the bottom. You don't want it to move. Also make sure you make sure when it is setup the line is at a 4t degree angle to the bank.  You would then clip your qwikfishfish or herring with atleast a 6 foot leader then tied to a 3 way swivel and a breakaway system from the guidline then place your bait in the water and the  the current will send your bait down to the barrel swivel on the guideline. I would use a simple snap system with a rubber band to breakaway from guideline. Worked well for me


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