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Muzzleloader Hunting / Re: knight MK- 85 / 54 cal?
« Last post by Lead ball 54 on Today at 09:25:38 PM »
does anyone have advise for sabots bullets for the MK85 54cal and where to get the stuff thanks
Bear Hunting / Re: Machias' 2021 Idaho Bear baiting
« Last post by Machias on Today at 09:15:13 PM »
 :chuckle: :chuckle:
Out Of State Hunting / Re: New Mexico due 3/17
« Last post by time2hunt on Today at 08:55:04 PM »
Tomorrow fingers crossed 🤞

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Trapping / Re: end of 2020/2021 reports
« Last post by greenhead_killer on Today at 08:45:38 PM »
That’s what I did this year as well. Easy peasy
Sponsor Classifieds / Re: Buying a house? You'll need a Pre-Approval
« Last post by fly-by on Today at 08:39:42 PM »
I never put much faith in a pre-approval letter.  I’ve had personal deals fall through at underwriting when buyers were “pre-approved”.   Cash is the only language I speak.  I even put a mandatory lease back provision in my last deal so I had the cash 45 days before I had to move.
honestly in this market i wouldn't be concerned if i were selling my house on a "pre approval" deal and it fell through. me the seller wouldn't be out any money (doesn't the buyer have to put down a little cash in the event the deal falls through ?).  even if they only put down a couple thousand $$ according to my projections my house is gaining around 20k value every month so if the deal falls through after 10 days i would actually be losing around 10 grand if i sold at the original price rather than re-listing ?  My realtor who we worked with buying the property we have and had our house built is emailing us monthly asking if we are interested in selling.  Last house she sold had 25+ offers on it the first day it hit the market
That logic holds up in a perpetually rising market. However in a typical market with ups and  downs the seller is giving away a free option to the buyer. Market up, buyer closes. Market down, buyer walks.

A house is just a financial asset you happen to be able to live in, but the principles are the same as a share of stock.
Fishing / Re: 2021 Show Your BASS Off!!
« Last post by bassquatch on Today at 08:31:24 PM »
I bet if I squeezed her belly a Lake Washington sockeye would pop out  :lol4: :lol4:

5.7lbs caught in a pretty small muddy pond on a BLUEGILL colored swimjig.  :tup: :tup:
Looking to sell some 100rd boxes of Winchester white box 9mm. $60 per 100...
Text 3609709514. Jeff
Fishing / Re: Commercial Gill Nets Target BASS in Lake WA
« Last post by bassquatch on Today at 08:23:50 PM »
Has anyone ever seen the amount of stickleback herring in that frigging lake? If you haven't, then don't assume every time you see "bass busting" it's all salmon smolts! Smh

I work on the shores of this turd pond. I've seen stickleback schools running in the mornings stretching from 520 to South of Dabney Point! There's literally billions of them.

My two cents is let em have it. A lot of bass will survive. Bass also eat their own shortly after the spawn. The same way trout eat anything shiny and know, all those trout lures that look suspiciously like tiny shiny salmon-esque little fishies. Lmao

I find more and more needles washing up on shore every week. Numerous sewage leaks have happened in that lake over the decades and God only knows what's in the rainwater runoff?! Take every bass out of that lake and the salmon won't rebound because they are still surrounded by far too many federally protected predators. The only thing that comes from this is millions of our tax (and special interest) dollars changing hands behind closed doors and more and more future regulations providing less and less access. If you think anything more than that is at foot, then you are fooling yourself.

Also, and I've witnessed this far too many times in both hunting AND fishing, any "outdoorsman" that openly applauds another outdoorsman's way of enjoying those outdoors getting overly regulated or coming under attack is applauding the demise of their own access to the outdoors. First they convince you to support the removal of this pesky species, then that one, their "non-native", so it makes sense and it's ok. What you're really doing is supporting the removal of the most pesky species of all...the outdoorsman. They hate all of us unilaterally.

A specific fishery being basically shut down, opens all the wrong doors. Once their finished wiping out bass on Lake Washington and salmon don't magically come back,  they will deem the species and lake too sensitive and all fishing on Lake Washington will eventually cease. Too risky to the critical habitat blah blah. Once that domino falls it gives momentum to the next, then the next, then your access goes away too.

While we sit here and engage in bashing each other's preferred species, pointing fingers and getting all riled up, they just continue to march towards their true ultimate goal. I couldn't care less what this whackadoodle State does to its hunting and fishing opportunties because there is no shortage of States that openly support and actively manage my preferred species (for millions in revenue) that I can retire to. Not to mention the hundreds of other lakes in this State to keep me occupied bass fishing until I retire.

I feel terrible for the future anglers of this State but maybe them not having access is a good thing in a way? I mean they won't ever have to worry about the appallingly act of having to defend the pursuit of their preferred species or being turned on by people they assumed shared their overall love for everything outdoors.

I'll kick back in my old age and watch on the news as salmon go extinct in the PNW and orca after orca turn belly up and bob around in Pungent Sound and probably laugh until I have a heart attack.
Trapping / Re: Fur auction results
« Last post by Backstrap on Today at 08:19:33 PM »
Skunk essence.... Hmmm I thought I was the only one who enjoys a whiff of skunk now and them.
Trapping / Re: Big woods end of the line
« Last post by Backstrap on Today at 08:13:59 PM »
All that fur and a stud buck and bull too! My hat is off to you. What is the pelt between the coon and rats?
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