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Turkey Hunting / Re: First time, any tips?
« Last post by avidnwoutdoorsman on Today at 09:36:20 AM »
Tear its heart out and eat it to absorb its strength. Or you could breast it out and lop off the thighs and drum sticks. It doesn't take long and you'll end up with the eating meat in the cooler and the rest can be returned to the mother earth. I also like to pull the gizzard and heart. If you aren't a big gizzard guy you don't even have to mess with the guts. Youtube is your friend. I suggest watching a whole bunch of videos on it. Many cover the same process but it will help you get the concepts down. I fully dressed two turkey so we could eat them for Thanksgiving. It's alot of work and you end up cutting the same parts off after you cook it. As always your own preference should be applied. I always tell people to do it all the ways and see which they like. Take a sharp knife with you when you head out hunting, it will make your life a little better.

The regulations specifically say, "It is illegal to possess in the field or transport game birds unless a feathered head is left attached to each carcass." (page 1 spring regs, section "special regulations") I can't say I haven't field dressed birds and left their carcass behind before... but due to this regulation... I would suggest bringing a black garbage bag with you to transport your feathered head and carcass in. That way you can still keep the meat on ice, not have an oversize cooler, but have the right evidence should you run into a WDFW officer that would like to question you further. Then when you get "home" you can place the bird for mother earth, in the compost, or trash...  :twocents:
If this is a coke establishment I'm changing your name in my phone from Matt to Loser McDumbface fyi
Guns and Ammo / Re: Steel case ammo
« Last post by 762Armo on Today at 09:19:10 AM »
Ill tell ya this about steel case. I have a buddy that bought a 1000rd case of tula for is AR's. We got through about 300rds fairly reliably. All the sudden one of the guns jammed up, no big deal normally. My buddy cant figure it out so I look at it. the extractor ripped the rim right off the case and jammed the spent case in the barrel. That gun was down for the day till I got a cleaning rod and a HAMMER to get the case out. to me its just not worth it to shoot steel in general.

I wouldn't attribute that to steel case. Similar things have happened with brass.
I've shot plenty of steel without issues, but of course results may vary.
Turkey Hunting / Re: Colville Turkey Advice?
« Last post by Sneaky on Today at 09:19:07 AM »
Once you do locate birds and can put up a hunt for them, ditch the 300lb turkey routine and go to more subtle, quiet sounds that will actually get them to come in close looking for the source of the call.......

Yes! Its good to have more than one call! This year I am planning on doing most of my locating with crystal and aluminum calls (for the volume), then trying to get it done with green or gray slate surfaces because of their ability to get quiet but also be loud enough once a bird is found.
Turkey Hunting / Re: Walla Walla Area - public land
« Last post by nwwanderer on Today at 09:18:15 AM »
Elk?  Deer?  Grouse?  Turkey?  What is your poison?  Bunch of ill managed forest service around.
Turkey Hunting / Re: Colville Turkey Advice?
« Last post by Sneaky on Today at 09:16:45 AM »
What's your strategy for covering ground by foot? Do you just hike in, call, wait awhile, and then hike further in and repeat?

Yep, don't wait too long though. Find a spot that will allow your sound to resonate, give it a series of loud yelps, and listen. If you don't hear anything, try again in the next area. here is a video that shows what a typical locating sequence might sound like:

Coyote, Small Game, Varmints / Re: Just how dark can coyotes get?
« Last post by HoofsandWings on Today at 09:14:46 AM »
Apparently, that is the only color I see in coyotes around here. Although, I did see one on my trail cam that had normal coloring.
@Russ McDonald 
How do we sign up?
Thanks for asking here is the link It is only $35.00 per year and you could get a $25 Bass Pro gift card.  Also select your local chapter.  Right now the west side only has Lake Washington Longbeards listed.  That should change in the next couple months.  20% of money comes back directly to the state chapter where we get to decide how we want to use it.  We have funded burns, spraying and damage restoration.  We have also provided funding for nuisance issues.  Like wiring fencing for hay barns and wheat hay bails to pull turkeys away from where they are being a nuisance.  Some of the criteria to get funding is that the land must be available to hunters whether it is through permission to hunt or other programs. 
Sounds kind of lame if you ask me 8)
Turkey Hunting / Walla Walla Area - public land
« Last post by bhammac on Today at 09:01:40 AM »
Looking to spend a week down in the Walla Walla area. Looking to hunt on public land. Any pointers on what areas to check out or public access would be greatly appreciated. Campsites would also be a bonus.

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