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Lost, Found, Stolen / Re: STOLEN FISHING POLE
« Last post by WapitiTalk1 on Today at 09:15:40 PM »
Fricking d bags. I hate thiefís and liars. If youíre hurting that bad, ask me, Iíll help you out but donít steal from me.
Fishing / Re: Brewster Sockeye
« Last post by huntnnw on Today at 09:15:38 PM »
one good thing about sockeye is its hard to get a accurate preseason estimate example was last year way more fish showed up than predicted
Elk Hunting / Re: Firing center cow tag
« Last post by MtnMuley on Today at 09:15:11 PM »
I've spent quite literally hundreds of days out there and I've never had so much as a low tire. I always run a quality 10 ply though  :dunno:


I've probably been out there 7 days.......   2 flats.

Load Range D truck tires.

It might depend on which little road you frequent, because I found my way up one that shredded my tires.

10 ply tires = Load Range E
Deer Hunting / Re: 2018 Deer as they lay.
« Last post by bowhntr on Today at 09:15:01 PM »
First deer I saw after many days of hunting. Persistence paid on this little blacktail.   Taken on 10/28/18
Elk Hunting / Re: White river rifle tag.
« Last post by dewandgin on Today at 09:12:12 PM »
Lost, Found, Stolen / Re: STOLEN FISHING POLE
« Last post by mossback91 on Today at 09:07:06 PM »
People disgust me more and more everyday >:(
Elk Hunting / Re: White river rifle tag.
« Last post by Bhunter253 on Today at 08:59:03 PM »
That's an awesome bull  :tup: were you in the Hancock or public ground?
Lost, Found, Stolen / STOLEN FISHING POLE
« Last post by Ieatelk on Today at 08:47:43 PM »
One of my best family friends fishing pole was stolen this weekend. It was not just any fishing pole but a family heirloom. It has been the only fishing pole he has fished with for the last 40 yrs. It was his grandpas and was going to hand it down to his first grandchild here soon. We were camping at Taidnapam park and the pole was in the back of his truck parked at his camp site. It is a long shot but i want to do whatever I can to help and try recover the pole. It was a yellow eagle claw , Mitchell reel,and electrical tape on largest eye. Please if you see it at a garage sale or pawn shop grab it there is a reward offered.  Thanks for looking and I hope this great community can find it somewhere.

Thank you  Nick
Other Big Game / Re: 2019 - 49 degrees north Moose tag
« Last post by JWBINX on Today at 08:42:44 PM »
Hey Scott,
Give Paul a call at the Nordlig Inn in Chewelah. He knows that area well and may offer some advice.
The Nordlig Inn is a great place to stay. Good luck. :)
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