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Turkey Hunting / Re: Seeking answers to colville turkey hunting
« Last post by Russ McDonald on Today at 01:00:49 PM »
Here is the link to the seminar along withblinks to gear.  The chat  dialogue we had going.  Some cleaning/gutting videos.  Open to anyone who wants to watch.  We have lots of turkey hunters in here willing to give out some helpfull tips.  Just don't ask where the easterns are on the west side.

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Other Classifieds / Re: F/S: 18í flatbed trailer (Price reduced)
« Last post by kidkodger on Today at 01:00:16 PM »
If the title is in your friends name he can get "release of interest" form and that works as good as the title for seller and buyer.  It's a pretty simple process for everybody.

Turkey Hunting / Re: Seeking answers to colville turkey hunting
« Last post by baldopepper on Today at 12:32:50 PM »
Honestly over the years I've shot probably around a dozen that I considered called in (called lots of jakes that I chose not to shoot, but have nothing against others who wanted a bird taking a jake) My best luck is being where the birds want to be and then being patient. I'll often softly call them closer or get them to turn  a bit from their intended path. When they're henned up it's that old lead hen that you can often get to come over and see what's up and she'll drag the rest of the flock with her. Keep at it, the first year or two of turkey hunting can be a steep learning curve
Turkey Hunting / Re: Seeking answers to colville turkey hunting
« Last post by Meow on Today at 12:25:38 PM »
I'm not experienced by any stretch. This is my first season hunting, and I've made some mistakes and probably looked like a moron a lot, but it's better to be lucky than good. My guess is that your setup is a chief problem if you're getting them to respond to your calls and never seeing them. I know it is something that I'm struggling with.

Choose a location that is fairly near where you think some toms are that affords good concealment yet good visibility of the potential approaches.  Think like you're playing hide and seek or setting up an ambush for some hostile force and evaluate the ability to remain hidden even when they get close. If possible, have terrain or other features that guide the birds into your kill zone. Do not be afraid to try a couple different positions in the area you've selected, sitting down, and seeing what you can see and how your concealment is.

Scan the heck out of the possible approaches visually before even calling. Know what they look like so when something changes you can key in on it before the birds see you. Then stay vigilant, even if some corner of your mind is screaming at you that you're a loser and there's no way you'll see a turkey and why did you waste all of this money on turkey specific gear like calls.

Thanks to Russ and the others who put on the mentioned virtual seminar. I believe it contributed greatly to my success. I also listened to many hours of podcasts, and watched hours of youtube videos. Having spent time in the woods hunting people.
Fishing / Re: Lake Stevens Doing Anything?
« Last post by CP on Today at 12:15:12 PM »
This thread needs some fish pictures.

Other Classifieds / Re: FS 6.5' canopy $10
« Last post by pd on Today at 12:11:36 PM »
That's a great offer.  Is the truck included?


Good luck, Sir!
Other Classifieds / Re: FS 6.5' canopy $10
« Last post by Bowhunter3 on Today at 12:00:10 PM »
Great offer Jason👍🏻
Fishing / Re: Salmon is set
« Last post by TriggerMike on Today at 11:57:07 AM »
Better than I realistically thought it was gonna be. I'm looking forward to Summer and getting out there now. The coast and Columbia system is looking pretty good.
Turkey Hunting / Re: Seeking answers to colville turkey hunting
« Last post by Bogie85 on Today at 11:53:24 AM »
I think the best info on turkey hunting is a series on you tube called Dale Outdoors. No videos of turkeys being shot, just a very experienced turkey hunter giving what I've found to be some very good info.  This is the 26th straight year I've shot at least one bird, 2 this year, and his advice is very "right on"

Thatís awesome! I would be super excited to even just get one to come strutting and or  drumming. Closest I got was this year they were across a creek I saw the two males come out near the opening on the field and they thought about coming out then bailed. I was in a ton of brush I donít think they could see me and I was using a diaphragm. I just donít know what I am doing wrong. Driving 6 hours isnít too bad, but
A little defeating leaving with literally nothing to show for it.
Turkey Hunting / Re: Seeking answers to colville turkey hunting
« Last post by Bogie85 on Today at 11:47:07 AM »
I forgot to mention it took me 7 years before I got my first tom here in WA but I helped a lot of people get their first.  I started hunting turkeys 13 years ago ago in CA and yes yes first time out with an hour I had a bird.  3 years in a row I had a bird.  I am on a lot of turkey hunting Facebook pages and here.  I tend to gleen some good info when wasing through all the crap sometimes.  Out in the woods is the best place to look.  Shock calling is also good.  I found that birds out in the NE don't respond to crow calls.  Friday morning I had 2 hunters setup and did a hoot owl just me no call and the trees lit up.  Crows squaking around nothing.  Geese they like to.  If you do strike a tom with a box call and he isn't to far of I would say a mile get setup don't walk towards him.  Most of the time if he is interested he will be coming towards you by the second yelp.  Find a place setup and don't over call if you here him closing the distance be patient.  Less calling gets them more interested.  Yesterday once them hit the ground I would call every 10 to 15 minutes if I wasn't getting anything.  Also a good thing out in the woods a tom does not come to the hen.  The hen comes to the tom.  That is why they strut.  Your calling is just peaking their interest and they are curious.  They want to know what that dumb hen is doing and why she isn't over here with me getting some of this.

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God I hope it doesnít take 7 years lol, I do wait on the calls sometimes 20 minutes. Now when you say turkeys in the woods. Do you mean if they are held up in the woods? Or where you are hunting?
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