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Required listening to one hour of "1-877 Kars4Kids" commercials daily for one month. That should cure anyone of just about anything.

That is just plain good marketing.  There was some random kid (6-8) strolling down the road in front of our house singing that jingle.
Deer Hunting / Re: Late Season Blacktail-Getting Discouraged
« Last post by fishnfur on Today at 12:20:14 AM »
Itís my first year hunting blacktails and not saying itís right, but iíve been looking for the most well used trails leading through clear cuts. Then I follow them to see where they go. Theyíve led me to plenty of deer and a couple of opportunities, but my inexperience has gotten the best of me.

Sounds like good progress.  Learn from your mistakes, or try to figure out why you got busted.
Deer Hunting / Re: 2017 opening day
« Last post by fishnfur on Today at 12:07:11 AM »
Geeze!  What a day.  Not often do you see a group go four for four on blackies on opening day.
Outdoor Advocacy & Agencies / Re: Bump Stocks
« Last post by Fl0und3rz on Today at 12:03:42 AM »
Where is the proof that bump stocks were used in Vegas?  I find it sad when writers state it like a fact that bump stocks are to blame.


I would be surprised if this withstands SCOTUS testing but the damage may already be done.  Trump is wrong here.

Deer Hunting / Re: young blacktail with lots of promise
« Last post by fishnfur on Today at 12:03:30 AM »
Perfect!  Absolute symmetry.
Guns and Ammo / Re: looking for a Kel Tec PMR 30
« Last post by b23 on Yesterday at 11:47:31 PM »
I don't know what the local shops are selling them for but this will give you an idea of what you can buy one for online and it even has free shipping.

I've had my PMR-30 for quite a few years now, they're a lot of fun to shoot but make sure you wear good hearing protection because they are a loud little bugger.  They can be a little dirty and sometimes will spit sh1t in your face so a pair of safety glasses is a good idea too.  Also, mine will run flawless if I only load the mags with 28 rounds, when I try anything more it'll usually have hiccups for the first two shots then go to working perfectly fine, so I just only ever load them with 28 rnds and call it good.
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: WTT stainless thompson contender 2 barrels
« Last post by wrchinook on Yesterday at 11:38:27 PM »
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: Shr 970 sigarms 270 win 2 clips Nikon bdc
« Last post by wrchinook on Yesterday at 11:32:58 PM »
Trapping / Re: calling coyotes
« Last post by Pete112288 on Yesterday at 11:22:46 PM »
I have tried in the past. As a teenager my grandad had a bad run of luck with calves not making through the birthing process. So for a couple years there was almost always a dead calf on the back 40. Coyotes were there all the time pretty much. However the calves were never in a good spot to sit and watch or to sneak up on so I would try calling them up to where I could shoot. They never would respond. The only responses I would get would be occasional younger dogs when the more dominant ones were on the calves.
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