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Equestrian & Livestock / Evergreen Youth Livestock Show Sale night
« Last post by jackelope on Today at 10:46:20 PM »
Given the other threads talking about the youth livestock shows I figured Iíd post some of the numbers from the sale tonight at our fair.
Grand champion steer sold for $5 a pound and he was 1410 on the hoof and the reserve champion steer was $3.50 a pound. I didnít note his weight but he was a big fella too.
Pigs all were right around $4 a pound give or take a little.
Grand champion Boer goat was $10.50 a pound and he was 89 pounds. The reserve champion was 7.80 a pound at 83 pounds.
I didnít note any of the lambs but they were all $3-4 a pound and anywhere from 110-140 pounds give or take.
Rabbits were all over the place anywhere from $80-220 and one meat pen sold for $240.
I didnít stick around for the poultry but I did hear a turkey sell for $750. 
Tons of hard working kids got a little extra spending money tonight. It was a really great time.

I think it will look much more sporty with an elk rack in the bed 'bout the middle of September. Just say'n.

Bump. These are the best first aid kits imho. Make me an offer, worst that can happen is I say no or you get stuck hunting with me. May also consider muzzle loading items.
Power Equipment & RV / Re: Life without a tractor
« Last post by Mark Brenckle on Today at 10:28:09 PM »
I have a 1952 Ford 8n that I use more than anything. About ready to retire it and do a ground up restoration.

 :tup: I've got a '48 8N. I mostly use it to mow down a couple pastures that get out of control and to spread the horse crap around. The trip-bucket is pretty limited, but for $2500 I'll deal with it.
Scopes and Optics / Re: Swarovski Binos? Or other $1000 binos.
« Last post by lewy on Today at 10:23:26 PM »
Another vote for slcís
Bow Hunting / Does Sight Pin Size Make A Difference?
« Last post by dreadi on Today at 10:21:59 PM »
Iíve learned that some sights have smaller diameter pins and Iíve been considering looking into this for this reason.

In some lighting situations my pins burst and it makes seeing between pins for odd distance shots more difficult than it should be.

Do smaller pins help to counter the busting?
Bear Hunting / Re: Spring Bear Season
« Last post by pashok23 on Today at 10:14:26 PM »
I really donít know the reasoning behind no otc season. But I can almost guarantee that it has to do with money not game. Easy money getting all those spring bear apps.
Pretty sure they would make more money on tags then apps.
Elk Hunting / Re: Archery elk from a ground blind
« Last post by dreadi on Today at 10:09:27 PM »
I thought this would be about blinds made from materials found.

Such as rusty chairs.
Fishing / Re: Point defiance park
« Last post by bracer40 on Today at 10:04:35 PM »

The final few paragraphs are probably most relevant to your question on fishing for pinks from shore.
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