Author Topic: Judge sends Pacific Fisher back for Threatened species consideration  (Read 120 times)

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So why is this bad? They are State listed and cannot be trapped anyway. You will notice Center for Biological Diversity is a petitioner and they love to sue. This is a vehicle for them to sue to stop other forms of hunting and trapping and even vehicle use. The article does not mention Washington but we are in historic range of Pacific Fisher and I can very well see problems arising if fisher are listed. Consider what happened with Lynx. There have been many lawsuits because of lynx being listed where ever lynx historically occupied land in the lower 48. Maine trappers have been severely restricted and for a while it looked like they could lose the right to trap altogether. Then you have actions meant to forestall lawsuits. Witness the ban on night hunting of bobcats in Okanagon county because a lynx was accidentally shot.
I don't see where Federal listing actually helps lynx so I cannot see any good coming from this. I talked to WDFW about this and they really do not have a clue what will happen or how it will affect us.
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