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Super DISC in the Rock Pit
« on: July 13, 2019, 01:07:21 PM »
Got a chance this morning to make a quick run to the Rock Pit hoping to get in a bit of shooting.  The temps were down in the low 60's and we had pretty good cloud cover so it should stay cool long enough for me to get a shoot in.

I decided to take the Super DISC out for a check up.  I wanted to shoot the new Lehigh .458x260 CF Sabotless, thinking even if it did warm up I could shoot it and not worry about a heated barrel and the effects on a polymer sabot. This is the bullet as it comes from Lehigh.  For myself to make it fit down the bore easier, or through the crown of the bore, I re-size the drive barbs from .458 to .4535.

When I got to the pit I was LATE!!! Another guy had beat me out there.  He was shooting an AR type rifle and told me he has about done. Probably be done in 15-20 minutes.  That worked just fine for me so I pulled the truck and in and began setting things up.  By the time I got the bench set up and the tail gate of the pick up ready he was starting to fold up.  I walked 5 birds down to the Basalt Wall set them in position turned around to walk back to the truck - he was waving out his window as he drove away.

By the time I got back and ready to shoot the clouds had moved away and the sun was blasting in on the black basalt rock and the warming process was moving forward.

Shot the first 5 birds without a problem and set up a second set of clays.  During the second set of clays I was surprised by a bunch spectators down the road watching what was doing.

These pictures are my attempt to explain and show what I was doing.

This is the breech area of the rifle after shoot the 10 clays that I had but on the wall...

It is so dang nice to have a clean breech after shooting...
Keep shooting muzzleloaders - They are a blast!!


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