Author Topic: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way  (Read 2203 times)

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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #15 on: December 06, 2019, 08:46:03 AM »
Boy you said it. I would say 99% of what the news would refer to as excessive force starts with people not following directions. Donít run, do what they say, and save the arguing for court if need be. Otherwise like my Dad taught me from a young age they will tackle you or shoot you if they feel that is the only option and that is them doing their job. Not sure when we all went soft and flipped on this. Now everyone feels bad for the thief who died and not the LEO who has to live with that for the rest of his life.

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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #16 on: December 06, 2019, 09:20:20 AM »
Iíve had some interesting encounters in the field, first one that comes to mind is when I drew the Swakane late Modern buck tag.
Ran into a warden on our way in, he checked all our paper work etc and when finished I asked him if he knew where the good bucks were hiding.
And he told me!
Even drew us a map
Followed his directions and got into deer almost immediately.
A couple hours later I can see his truck sitting across the canyon, put the binoculars on him and heís doing the same to me.
Then he starts motioning above me and to my right. I turned around and spotted a nice 4x4 standing there.
Dropped him and looked back to the gamie and gave him a thumbs up.
When we got back to the truck he was there, I thanked him profusely and he took a couple samples and was on his way.
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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #17 on: December 06, 2019, 09:22:30 AM »
Jeffro, now thatís a cool story :tup:

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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #18 on: December 06, 2019, 09:40:37 AM »
Havent had tons of encounters with gamies, but the few I have have always been professional and cordial. The one got the slip on me was probably 8 yrs ago fishing the puyallup, was playing a fish, lost it, and before i can even reel in to check my gear he says "mind if I check your gear and license", it was all in order, said thanks for crimping down the barbs good, and have a nice day.
I agree with the sentiment that I'm not going to get aggressive, sit there and be the adult, you never know if they have bad history in the area, or got a call of "someone with a gun",  last time i got checked in my rig w rifle in passenger seat, he just said "mind if i check it, sure, ok could you just unlock the door. I travel w the bolt open just so theres never a question, he barely got the door open and goes "oh, your fine, have a nice day"


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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #19 on: December 11, 2019, 11:19:34 AM »
I was trapping Muskrats along the Green River, long after Steelhead and Salmon Season had closed for the year.
Making his rounds,"Old Mike" the Game Warden spotted my truck (where the fisherman would always pull off and park by their favorite hole.)
 I always dress in Camos with my Waders to help blend in and keep a low profile,  (so as not to lose too many Traps or Critters, along my Trapline.

Now seeing his truck pull in behind mine, soon I could hear him searching back and forth on the trail just above where I stood.
 Always one to enjoy a good game of "Cat and Mouse," I froze, holding up a Muskrat that I had just taken out of my trap.
I could hear the frustration in his voice as he muttered to himself knowing I had to be close, but so far, that sure Citation for Fishing out of Season was eluding him.
 As he made one final pass just above where I stood, I wiggled the rats tail just a little and gave him a big smile as he peered through the tall grass covering the riverbank above me.  :IBCOOL:
To his surprise and my pleasure (the look on his face was priceless) he did a double take, then immediately and silently turned as though he had not seen me and exited, stage right.
The rest of the Trapping Season I noticed when his truck passed by my "Old Red 64 Ford Pickup" on the river road above, he would speed up rather than pull off.  :chuckle:
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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #20 on: December 11, 2019, 12:24:15 PM »
Still waiting for my first encounter outside a check station, the ones at the check station though were all pretty great. Made me feel awesome showing off my first deer, a small spike blacktail.

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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #21 on: December 11, 2019, 12:41:17 PM »
Anybody ever have an experience with a guy who's last name was Kram?  Spelling may be wrong.  This was up near Republic back in the late 90's.  He was a piece of work.
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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #22 on: December 11, 2019, 12:45:55 PM »
Cram, he is retired now

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Re: Seen Them Moseying Over Your Way
« Reply #23 on: December 11, 2019, 02:34:37 PM »
Back in the 80s when I was living on Kodiak, I went out the road for a deer hunt with a buddy and his wife.  We parked at a wide spot where we wanted to hunt and started walking in to where we would split up and hunt. We got through a big patch of avalanche alder (sort of like vine maple) and were following a game trail up a ridge when we looked back to see a State Trooper pull in beside us and get out and start heading our way. We decided it would be faster if we just went back down and talked with him, so back through the alders we went. But when we got to the pullout, he was nowhere to be seen.  Then we saw him up on the hill, obviously looking for us. From the way he was acting it looked like he thought we had hidden from him as he was rapidly running around to vantage points looking up the hill for us. So we honked the horn to get his attention and he came back down the hill and sheepishly checked our licenses. We had a laugh and a good visit with him.

The only uncomfortable interaction I ever had with a warden was in the North River Unit.  Was out with my 75 year old dad and 8 year old son hunting deer.  After a morning of glassing a piece of State land we headed up to another piece my dad knew about. We were in a narrow spot in the road when a pickup came over the hill in the opposite direction. So I pulled into the ditch and stopped to let them drive by. To my surprise, the truck skidded sideways in the road and two wardens piled out and started running our way. I rolled down the window and they proceeded to good cop, bad cop us. One started talking all friendly to us through my open window while the other one was yelling at us about guns and what did we have in the back of my truck from  my dad's side of the truck. As I'm talking to the friendly guy I looked in the passenger side mirror and saw the other guy go around my truck with his pistol out peering into my canopy. Then he asked me to get out and open the canopy. I did and he looked it over then put away his gun finally. He went and got back in their truck and the other guy made a few friendly comments then said goodbye and off they went.  No idea why the one guy was so aggressive but when I told some friends from Westport, they sad that there was one warden in that area who had a reputation for going overboard when he made stops. Don't know if he's still in the area or not.

Luckily, that same year, I hunted the late season up on Tiger Pass near Ione.  I got a very nice buck and the next day I was driving my buddy around who had come down from Alaska to hunt whitetails with me. We were heading down the mountain for lunch and met up with a couple Federal wardens so we pulled over to see if they wanted by or wanted to check us. They were nice as could be. Asked if we were hunting which was pretty obvious and then asked if we got anything. I told them yes I'd gotten a buck the day before and asked if they like to see it.  They congratulated me on taking a nice buck and they seemed genuinely happy for me. Was a very cordial stop.
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