Author Topic: Reviewing the Chiappa Double Badgers  (Read 368 times)

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Reviewing the Chiappa Double Badgers
« on: February 21, 2020, 05:08:22 PM »
Thought I'd put in a word about the Double Badgers, since I now own all three (unless the 22/20ga has sold; it's been on consignment for a week or so.)  I bought the 22/410 first and used it one season with factory 3" 410's; enjoyed carrying the little rascal, but didn't like the results I was getting on grouse with the 410--too many went down and then got away.  I did try it with Brenneke slugs, and was happy with the regulation of the barrels: the slugs hit within 3" of the 22 out to 50 yards or so, making it a bit more useful on bigger game.  I didn't pack it in deer season, since I had a 7x57R/12ga  Brno and a 12x12/32-40 Hollenbeck that had more muscle, but got no chances to take venison with either.  They both weighed way more than these old bones like to carry, but since I'm mostly limited to gated or washed out roads here on the wet side, I felt I could make a mile or two before I had to call for the coroner.  No bucks in the first mile or two, though, where I hunted.  The next season I had a Double Badger in 22/20ga, and it was a bust: it was nearly as heavy as the Brno and the drilling, but worthless with slugs as a deer gun--the slugs (and I tried them ALL) hit at least 1-1/2 feet from the 22 at 50 yards, and didn't even seem consistent at that.  The last straw was when I'd shoot at a rabbit and the shot pattern wouldn't cover the critter; I'd have had to use Kentucky windage even with the sights.  Then I started reloading the 410, and began getting patterns--and kills--more to my liking.  I used a Lee Loader with Fiocchi hulls, wads, AND PRIMERS (they're a different size than the domestics) and Lyman load data and got 3/4oz of shot moving over 1250 ft/sec; quite an improvement over the factory stuff.
That brings us to the present.  I just got my new 243/410 DB; it shoots factory 243's and Brenneke slugs about 4"-5" apart at 50 yards (close enough for the shotty) and I'm working up some "mouse fart" 243 loads to give me a small game capability with the rifle.  I'm tickled pink; it's at least 2 pounds lighter than the 22/20 or the Brno or the Hollenbeck, so I'll be carrying it a bit farther than the others.  My 22/20ga is for sale; I've got my battery now, and it ain't included!  Still got the Brno for canoe hunting--with Bismuth for the waterfowl, as it doesn't like steel.
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Re: Reviewing the Chiappa Double Badgers
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2020, 05:15:55 PM »
My 22/410 has about 60 grouse kills now between my girlfriend and I. Shes nearly blind though so I got a mini red dot for it and now shes golden!
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Re: Reviewing the Chiappa Double Badgers
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2020, 07:18:01 AM »
Where is your 22/20 on consignment at? Pm me if youd like. Im interested

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