Author Topic: Looking for Kevin from Vancouver...  (Read 320 times)

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Looking for Kevin from Vancouver...
« on: October 26, 2020, 10:39:32 PM »
So I was hunting last week and ran into a younger guy in an area I have never seen another deer hunter. He told me the same, that I was the only other deer hunter he had seen there as well. He is very motivated to get his first animal and we chatted for quite a while, I should have gotten some contact info before I left but I didnt. I was hoping to connect with him again and maybe help him out some. At least maybe let him know what I have seen and where since we seem to be the only ones hunting the small area.
All I got is his first name and noticed he drives a maroon-ish red Toyota, I think it was a Tundra but I guess it could have been a T100. He says he went to school way back east and has hunted pheasant there. Also has hunted several places over Washington for deer and elk. He was packing a recurve bow when I ran into him. I think he is from Vancouver and I know he works out of Vancouver. He is on the taller side, maybe a little lanky with short hair.
Its not much to go on, but I wanted to reach out anyway, ya never know, its a small world.


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