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Looking For The Perfect Hunting Rifle Set-Up? Here's The Solution

Weíve seen A LOT of changes to our world in the last year. One of the good things thatís happened is lots of people have either started hunting for the first time, or people who used to hunt and stopped for whatever reason have started hunting again.

Are you one of those people who is just joining the hunting community?

Or perhaps you're a long-time hunter who is looking for a new and improved hunting rifle set-up for one reason or another?

Either way, it's tough to figure out what gear you need as opposed to what people are trying to sell you, especially when it comes to firearms.

You've probably realized yourself how difficult it can be to get reliable and unbiased information on guns and ammo. Believe me, I've been there before and it's no fun. The ongoing shortage of guns and ammo only makes things more difficult.

Well, I have the solution to your problem:


Hunting Guns 101 is your playbook for choosing the best rifle, cartridge, sighting system, and ammunition for your dream hunt so you can go afield with confidence knowing that you're using the absolute best tool for the job and get results like this:

In the training, Iíll show you my proven method for determining what sort of performance you need from your rifle set-up on a particular hunt. I'll also show you how to sort through all the confusing techno-babble and marketing jargon out there to prioritize the correct rifle, sighting system, and ammo characteristics that work in concert with each other to deliver the performance you need.

I've developed this training based on years of hard earned experience pursuing an incredible variety of game under a wide assortment of conditions ranging from black bear, feral hogs, and whitetail deer in Georgia, to pronghorn in Wyoming, to elk and mule deer in New Mexico, to Coues deer in Arizona, to Himalayan Tahr in New Zealand, to cape buffalo in Zimbabwe, and all sorts of things in between.

This training will work regardless of whether you're hunting whitetail deer on the back 40, traveling to another state to hunt elk, flying to Africa to go on safari, or have some other hunt planned.

Yes, there are plenty of people that are happy to give you advice for "free" on what rifle set-up you should use on a hunt.
And yes, sometimes you can get great information that way.

However, "free" advice can sometimes be extremely expensive in the long run.

Make no mistake: A MISS or a WOUNDED AND LOST animal are the most likely results if you use the wrong rifle, cartridge, sighting system, and/or ammunition on a hunt.

Don't be that guy who misses out on the buck or bull of a lifetime because you were using the wrong hunting rifle set-up.


Hunting is expensive, both in terms of time and money. Think about the money you spend on gear, travel expenses, hunting licenses and tags, etc.

Don't jeopardize your odds of success by neglecting training and education that can increase your odds of punching your tag.

With that in mind, the Hunting Guns 101 training could be one of the best investments you ever make.

This isn't the normal useless fluff you normally find online.

This is useful, comprehensive, and easy to digest training that will increase your odds of success on future hunts regardless of what you're after. If you follow the framework I teach during the course, you'll avoid heartbreaking situations where using the wrong equipment can prevent you from harvesting that buck or bull of your dreams.

To top it off, I'm offering my proven Insiderís Gun & Ammo Buying System E-Book as a free bonus if you purchase access to the Hunting Guns 101 In-Home & Online Education & Training Course. In this E-Book, I show you how I shop for firearms and ammunition and I share my 21 favorite (and often overlooked) places to shop.

Bottom line: this E-Book will show you where and how to find ammo and guns (even during shortages like we're dealing with now) as a free bonus when you invest in the Hunting Guns 101 training.

Heck, the Insiderís Gun & Ammo Buying System is easily worth the price of the Hunting Guns 101 training alone, but I'm giving it to you as a free bonus.

There's no catch and no gimmicks.

You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or any recurring payments.

If fact, if you don't love the course I'll even refund your money and let you keep access to the course and all the products anyway.

You can get instant, lifetime access to everything included with the Hunting Guns 101 training for a one-time payment of just $47.

Click Here To Add The Hunting Guns 101 Training Directly To Your Cart And Get Started

Or, Click Here To Read More About Our In-Home Training Package
John McAdams


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