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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #15 on: June 21, 2021, 11:47:10 AM »
I will throw out the same offer as Hillbilly Zen. If you got 10mm ammo and are in my neck of the woods you are more than welcome to tryout my G29, G20, or G40. Just let me know ahead of time.

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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #16 on: June 21, 2021, 12:15:33 PM »

Proven and time tested 10mm shooter, easy field care, hits targets at realistic pistol ranges better than most shooters can aim a handgun, sufficient power for any threat in the lower 48, no silly thumb safeties or cocked/half-cocked/maybe-cocked training to overcome, off the shelf holsters fit it, when grandpas reloading youíre still shooting, when your buddy is cleaning his dressed up barbie gun after a downpour you toss yours in the truck console and crack a beer.  It looks like a tool for mean business and maybe thatís a deterrent sometimes to lesser humans.   Itís an extremely utilitarian weapon, and my ďone gunĒ gun. 

On the other hand...
Itís like a brick with a trigger strapped to your hip, comes with a trigger you can feel sanding itself down, makes vegan hikers poop themselves (a pro for some I know), costs a lot to feed unless you are just shooting overcased .40 rounds, you might be tempted to shoot it sideways if you are from the 80ís or 90ís(thus negating any inherent accuracy it may have), and you will have to get a whole new set of 10mm friends as your .44 and .357 pals are not going to want you at their dinner parties anymore.  Its been said they are also a gateway drug to tactical bolt actions in small calibers and plastic lever guns with red dots.  I havent gone down that dark path yet though...

If you cant test drive one locally, hop over 20 and pack your own ammo.  I can hook you up with a shooting session at the Winthrop range. 


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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #17 on: June 22, 2021, 09:15:01 AM »
I shoot a glock 29 with a pierce extension. I'm a little better with the 20 but I like to put the 29 in my waist when bow hunting.

The 29 isn't as small as people think. I think the 27 is actually harder to shoot.

If I didn't bear hunt I would probably just carry a single stack 9 with xtreme penetrator.

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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #18 on: July 20, 2021, 05:04:49 PM »
If you have medium to small hands get a G20SF. I love mine. Love them or hate them, Glocks just run.

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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #19 on: July 20, 2021, 07:34:40 PM »
Just FYI, there is forum called "Glock Talk". Nice people.. :twocents:
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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #20 on: July 31, 2021, 05:59:49 AM »
Just FYI, there is forum called "Glock Talk". Nice people.. :twocents:

But I like you guys sooo much :chuckle:

Anyway so Iím up here in Alaska for the summer tendering out of Sitka and Iíve been spending some time at the remote salmon hatcheries hauling darks back to town for dog food or whatever but there are bears EVERYWHERE at the hatchery and I was talking to one of the crew who had a G20 and Iím pretty much sold on getting a gen 4

Fwiw a super Blackhawk is too small of a frame for my hand and the g20 feels very natural in the hand. I think it will do more than I can envision ever needing a pistol for and thatís kind of the idea, a reliable sidearm for basically anything.

The guy I was talking to actually took 2 Alaskan brown bears with his 10mm running Buffalo bores, one bear was inside a float house and was very aggressive and another bear charged him and he took em both down no problems so thatís as good enough of a review as I need

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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #21 on: July 31, 2021, 03:37:14 PM »
I own a G36 (single stack 45acp) carry it anytime I'm in the woods.
I don't even know its on Me (very light). It has never failed to fire when called upon to do so.
Not pretty at all, LOL. But I trust it 100% with My life. I bought a diamond grip (stick on sand paper) for it. Highly recommend them. I bought it used for $350 (great price). Mine came with an aftermarket trigger installed, so I have never found the trigger to be an issue. Might be an idea for those that don't like their Glock's trigger?
Simple to use, easy breakdown, it just works, and I don't care if it gets scratched or dirty.
I would like to own a G21 (full size 45acp) and a G42 (.380 auto) if I could find them used.
In That order

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Re: Glock talk
« Reply #22 on: August 05, 2021, 06:32:02 AM »
Definitely hold one first if you haven't already.   They are a pretty large frame.   Note that there are Glock 20's, and Glock 20 SF.   The SF stands for small frame.  It definitely helps having the smaller frame. 

Don't overlook the Springfield XDM 10mm, the grip angle is a little different than glock, some people like it better and some people prefer the glock.

FYI- Gen4 G20 is the same size as the Gen 3 SF. It comes with 4 extra backstraps you can add if you want a larger/different grip. It also has a dual recoil spring.


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