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Re: Should've said something?
« Reply #30 on: June 02, 2023, 08:11:59 AM »
This thread got me thinking about when My Dad started getting dementia/Alzheimer's. It came to a point when we had to take his keys away to keep him from driving. He did not have the capacity, mentally or physically anymore to drive, without being a complete hazard to those around him. It busted his pride like nothing I have ever witnessed. One of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

As mush as I hate to say it, putting the individual right to carrying a weapon in the same situation, would have been 100 fold more dangerous to innocent people then driving.
I have never heard of a situation where this has happened though. I am sure it does, just have not heard about it.
I hope I have the wherewithal to make my own decision, if and when that day comes. The idea of putting my family in that situation is not something I ever want them to go through.
  Had to take the car keys from my Dad a few years back and from the father-in-law recently.  Very hard decision, but in both cases they were a danger on the road to themselves and others.  That's part of what bothered me after the encounter. I honestly beleive his cavalier carrying of that handgun was a danger to himself and others.  He wasn't faking or acting, he was just an old fellow who strapped that gun on out of habit the same way my father in  law jumped in his car everyday until he had 3 accidents ( all his fault,but fortunately not major) in 1 month. Hopefully that old boy has family or friends who'll notice what he's doing.

I also had to take my dad's keys away a few years ago, after some minor fender benders.  Then   a year later when he had a trip to the hospital he cold cocked a nurse he was put in restraints. He was not happy and threatened the staff, told them when he's out he's getting his gun and coming back. The hospital would not release him until the guns were removed from the house. He still thinks the crazy lady down the street stole them, even after I told him they are in my safe.

It is weird how it can go south so quick.
I had a friend who I use to hunt and play poker with. We all got together for a poker game and he seemed perfectly fine. 6 months later we all got together again, and he was talking crazy stuff, how the Highway cameras were following him. The police and fireman were recording him and had him under surveillance. The buddy who's house were were playing at, stopped mid hand and told him
"I have my kids in the house, if you are going to talk and act crazy, you need to leave, until you get you crap together." just a couple months later, in the basement at his Mom's house, he put the barrel of his 30-06 rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger. No drugs, or excessive alcohol involved. I had known him since elementary school, never saw any hint or indication of mental issues.
Only 2 defining forces sacrificed themselves for you:
The American Soldier and Jesus Christ. One died for your freedom, the other for your soul.

My rock,
He trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.
Psalm 144.1


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