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Re: Colorado release
« Reply #30 on: December 29, 2023, 07:35:48 PM »
what I read yesterday those wolves released maybe in WY already  :chuckle:.. they were travelling 35 mi a day in a northwest direction and a helicopter was being used to haze them from leaving

In the 60's, 70's and 80's the USFWS released wolves in different states, WA being one of the those states, what they discovered was that unless you penned the wolves or fed them those wolves just went back home. Kind of throws a monkey wrench in the claim that wolves migrated to WA etc.. Took a while to get them to see their lie, that wolves don't migrate, they actually eat their way into new hunting.
Yep, once in the late 80,s and once in the early 90,s my dad and I seen wolves in the Methow, both instances were north of Twisp, one was north of Winthrop. Both times my dad (who seen hundreds of wolves in Alaska) confirmed they were wolves. One stared us down from about 30 yards and was much bigger than my 110lb lab that was cowering behind the truck when it walked onto the skid road. The other was walking along an open hillside at about 60-70 yards, one was pure black, one was dark grey, when we reported seeing the 1st one we were TOLD by a USFW guy who contacted us “that what we seen was a large coyote”. First, why was our sighting turned over to USFW for them to ask us questions, second, we were told the same thing a few years later by local Game fellas when we reported that one. Seems weird that the first one was turned over to feds to answer then when we reported the second one years later were giving the same “canned response”. If wolves were not being brought in then why the coyness and secrecy.

I too am one who believes wolves have bounced around in the Methow for eternity. Even with all the time my family has spent in the valley they had only seen a couple, those were back in the 40,s up by the Canadian border. Then nothing, my dad had never seen one until we seen the two I talked of. Were their numbers “bolstered”, “helped out” by humans? You bet I think they were. I believe there were more braught in and relocated to help establish numerous packs in the valley. No more wolves “passing through” or a pack “wandering through”, things began to change from nomadic sightings here and there to wanting “resident packs”. There was plenty of prey in that valley for decades upon decades, where were all the wolf packs then? You’d think that valley would have been ground zero for dozens of packs. Not just a random sighting every 10 or so years. Something doesn’t add up. We now have far less prey and more wolves. Secrecy and in some instances, flat out lies being told surrounding their existence and numbers. Yep, I believe they’ve bounced around the Methow here and there for a long time, I also believe they’ve been braught in and relocated to bolster numbers, this is where we’ve been lied to imho.

Just an add on……. Does anyone question why all the sudden (a decade or two now) wolves annd other predators are all the rage as far as “reintroduction” into areas they were basically null and void of. Places where they were spotted “moving through” here and there by experienced hunters and boots on the ground. Think about that, wolves are on the move for sure, some naturally, some with the help of humans, crates and trucks. Why? Ask yourself why predators in general are being protected and helped to expand their territory. Especially in democrat run states like Washington.

The USFWS illegally released wolves in the three states that would be hardest to push wolves on once the lies they had told were exposed when the wolves hit the ground. There is an agenda called the Wildlands project, and of course it is about moving people into cities and closing down much of the country to huge wildlife corridors. And Mac you know the damage that has already occurred in states run by democrats. Last spring a WDFW employee told me that they could tell the wetside anything they would be believed.

I saw my first wolf back in 74, huntin grouse up off of Poorman Cr, and up in Brown meadows in 79 we saw a pair. In the 80's we saw wolves up in the 8 Mile bottom, and in the 90's we actually found a den of pups while we were cruising a timber sale, and were promptly told to keep quiet. In the 70's a couple of us went into Lewis LK, going in we talk to a FS ranger who was coming out, we asked her about the wolves and she said they had been released but everything was done on the quiet side and no one was suppose to know about it.

Colorado won't be any different than the Yellowstone or Lolo elks herds, and my guess is the wolf pop will expand much the same as WA did as more wolves are dump into the ranching communities, these wolves will more than likely come from the same place that ID, MT and Wyoming wolves came from, I think it's a side show of getting them from Oregon etc., why would the USFWS change their wolf import program, they did just fine with all their other releases.

I don't think it will take 10 years to see the decimation to the elk in Colorado I give it 5-6 years and a lot of slaughter livestock just like other states. Maybe they will import a few biologist like fitkin that refuse to confirm livestock predation, to protect a bunch of cow killers or maybe they already have a bunch of their own. One thing is for sure, Colorado will be just like other states where wolves were released, deer, elk etc. will move into towns and herd up around homes, and down to the farmlands, and the pro-wolfers attached to CNW or some other fake environmental outfit will get on forums like H-W and blame habitat and everything else but wolves for the change.

Sad situation all the way around.

But I'm betting the pro-wolf crowd is happy as hell$$$$$$$
I agree.👍 :bash: :bash: :bash:


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