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Re: beaver meat lure came today
« Reply #15 on: March 21, 2018, 11:31:22 AM »
Old trappers never die, they just smell like it!!

One time in High School I spilt a little canine Long Distance Call lure on my pants, which among other things has a touch of skunk essence in it.  I had been out checking traps before school.  Mmmm did the classroom reek!!   :chuckle:

My Dad's "GO TO LURE" in Elementary School was Limburger Cheese.
 Put on the underside of the teachers overcoat as it hung on the back of his chair. Dad said it got a lot of attention, when the teacher couldn't figure where the stench was coming from. (He said he never did get caught.)   :tung:

 I never had the guts to try something like that, when I was in school. I did enjoy the reaction of both the kids and animals on a field trip to the Zoo once.
After standing upwind and opening (on the sly) a bottle of "Lenon's lure" that I had hid in my pocket.
  The animals reacted first and that made the Kids react....It was fun to watch as all of a sudden I became the center of attention. It made me realize the "power that smells really have." :rolleyes:

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The Old Fisherman lied so much he had to get the kids to call the dog!


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