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Should all OTC tags be eliminated and draw only hunting be the way forward?

NO - keep the general season open
228 (69.9%)
YES - make all hunting special draw only like Utah
98 (30.1%)

Total Members Voted: 326

Author Topic: Should ALL general season Elk hunts be canceled in favor of permit only hunting?  (Read 6191 times)

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State would likely not due away with general season elk. There is way too much profit loss. It would also make sense that if, by taking away of general season would be a way for the state to slowly disarm hunters. In theory many people only big game hunt not all, but many hunters would just give up on waiting for a lottery tag to occur. It would also hurt business (fuel, food, tax, accessories, guns, and many things that are a must for hunting). It would also hurt many people to fork out more money in hopes of a draw. Permit draw would become more expensive.


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