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Author Topic: Interior Dept. moves to allow Alaska bear hunting with doughnuts, bacon  (Read 451 times)

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 boy, that news release wasn't biased at all

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fake news doing what it does best
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Wish I were able to post a comment to the editor on this one

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I want to see the gun that shoots donuts.

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Still, what's up with the "shooting bears in their dens"? That's hardly fair chase, is it?

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This is dangerous. Using doughnuts and bacon could create a bycatch situation with AK State troopers. I think it's unwise!
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Still, what's up with the "shooting bears in their dens"? That's hardly fair chase, is it?
If it’s legal and is one of the game departments management tools, why do you care how the animal is killed. I would guess that it is as “humane” as any other method.  :tup:
If it doesn’t fit within your definition of fair chase, then by all means don’t do it!

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Still, what's up with the "shooting bears in their dens"? That's hardly fair chase, is it?

It is a historic aboriginal method of harvest.  Maybe not fair chase but in a subsistence harvest fair chase kind of goes by the wayside. On the other hand the person that crawls in a bear den has pretty big cajones, IMO. :chuckle:
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