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Author Topic: Have any Pranks pulled on you, while you were learning how to Hunt ?  (Read 353 times)


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Have you had it easy growing up or did you have to put up with the Relatives "pranks" while learning how to hunt Deer?
My Dad just couldn't help pulling that old joke on me while on my first Deer Hunt. (I think I was around 10 years old at the time).
 After telling me I needed to stay close and help him look for fresh Sign (droppings in particular, I was all about trying to show him how good a tracker I was and soon found a pile of what we must be looking for.

 "Yup, those are Deer Droppings all right! You know you can tell if they're fresh just by popping a couple in your mouth,"   Which he proceeded to do! :yike:

Unknown to me, he had a pocket full of chocolate covered raisins and had pulled a couple out of his pocket and popped them into his mouth instead of the poop.

After I put my eyes back in their sockets, Dad offered that I should try some too, so he handed me a couple.

Turned out they didn't taste all that bad. (seeing they were Chocolate  Covered Raisins.)  :chuckle:

 You don't forget times like that with your Dad, (even if he was a little different).  :tup:
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