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In the Rock Pit with the Nitride
« on: January 12, 2019, 11:03:21 AM »
Yesterday was another abnormal day here on the Palouse and I had the time so..... I grabbed the gear and headed to the Rock Pit.

Normally this time of year there would be no opportunity to get to the pit it would be snowed under several inches/feet of snow this year not so much....

This is crazy - that is all the snow there is! but then again it was much better than muddy farm fields.

I had pretty much sighted the rifle in the other day so this was nothing more than burning some more powder and a pleasure trip just getting out of the house.

Anyway - I got set up in the pit and walked 7 birds down to the end of the Rock Pit and placed them on the rock ledge.  I know in my mind... that shooting a ML to 100 yards is really no big deal anymore.  Almost any ML you get these days - 100 yards is not much of a challenge. But dang it sure is lot of fun to take aim on the 4 1/4" disc and have them disappear after you pull the trigger. You really get to know you hit something.

I was shooting this new Knight Nitride ML, and I know that it really is not that much different than my SS model - but for some reason I really think it shoot better! I know it is all in my feeble mind - but one of my coaches in the old days told me "if you believe" you can make it happen! Right now I believe!

I was shooting 120 gr. BH209 by vol. with a HPH-24 black sabot and the new Lehigh .451.x230 CF bullet.  It really is not that new - I think it came out early fall last year. But that bullet is another thing that I am really sold on.  Gosh! it is a great medicine for deer.

After shooting the hand placed birds, I then turned the rifle on 'targets of opportunity'!  There were several spots that chips of previous birds were resting on a rock.  These require a little more attention to shoot.  I sight a rifle in with a 3" PBR and at 100 yards that works out to about 3" high.  So I do have to hold slightly low on a chip to hit it. If you look to the left and down a little bit from the left bird in the setup, you will see one of a small group of chips that become 'targets of opportunity'.

Here is a collection of pictures of the shoot.

Todays project is.. clean the rifle - which really shouldn't be much of a problem.  But! - I have never cleaned a Nitrited bore before - and in my mind it should easier and quicker.  The breech is clean - looks new so it really is the bore I am focused on.
Keep shooting muzzleloaders - They are a blast!!


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