Were wolves imported to Washington in secret?  

Yes  - I think wolves were dumped in WA
160 (68.7%)
No   - They arrived here naturally
73 (31.3%)

Total Members Voted: 233

Voting closed: January 23, 2020, 01:12:43 PM

Author Topic: Were wolves imported into Washington on the downlow?  (Read 8953 times)

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Re: Were wolves imported into Washington on the downlow?
« Reply #270 on: February 14, 2020, 09:27:32 AM »
I doubt it's happened during the past 10 years, but back in the early 60's a family friend named William Brashers owned a farm in the Ball Hills area of Thurston County as an investment.  He rented out the farm to a family who raised some beef and replacement heifers. The area is just north of the Vail Tree Farm.  One winter (late 60's) the renter had a livestock kill and called the game department to complain about the "wolfs" that took down a heifer. He was assured there was no such critter in Washington State, and should it occur again feel free to protect his property and shoot the coyote or coydog doing the damage.

I don't remember who shot it, but I do remember being told that a game warder looked over a dead timber wolf in the back of a pickup truck at the Wolf's Market parking lot.  The story as I (grad school age) remember it was that the wolf was identified as an eastern timber wolf.  It had to have been imported. I recall no effort being made by the game department to protect them then as they were considered a non native species, and addressed as any destructive dog would have been; if it's attacking livestock stock, shoot it.  A lot of fingers pointed to Weyerhaeuser as a way to drop deer browsing damage in the Vail unit while being able to keep closed gates.

I admit it's all hearsay since I never saw a wolf myself.  Anyone else old enough on this thread to remember this story?


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