Author Topic: Washington ALERT: Additional Hearing Scheduled on Gun Ban Bills - TAKE ACTION  (Read 668 times)

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This is a bad year for gun owners, and anyone that believes in, and supports our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

"Washington: Urge House Committee to Oppose Gun Control Bills"

The NRA-ILA has sent out another alert asking for all of us freedom loving Washingtonians to TAKE ACTION to protect our rights and freedoms by using their TAKE ACTION link:

Please TAKE ACTION by contacting committee members and urging them to OPPOSE House Bills 2240, 2241, 2519, 1374, and 1315.

HB 2240 ( ) would ban the standard capacity magazines for many handguns and rifles commonly owned by law-abiding citizens for self-defense.
Sponsors: Valdez, Peterson, Senn, Doglio, Macri, Robinson, Walen, Thai, Kilduff, Stonier, Frame, Bergquist, Cody, Pellicciotti, Chapman, Fitzgibbon, Orwall, Ortiz-Self, Ramel, Ryu, Tarleton, Appleton, Slatter, Davis, Tharinger, Ormsby, Wylie, Kloba, Gregerson, Pollet
By Request: Attorney General, Governor Inslee

HB 2241 ( ) would also ban many commonly-owned firearms popular for self-defense and recreation as well as most standard-capacity magazines.
Sponsors: Peterson, Valdez, Doglio, Macri, Robinson, Chapman, Walen, Kilduff, Ortiz-Self, Ramel, Ryu, Tarleton, Appleton, Slatter, Bergquist, Davis, Tharinger, Orwall, Ormsby, Wylie, Cody, Gregerson, Pollet
By Request: Governor Inslee, Attorney General

HB 2519 ( ) would implement an ammunition background check scheme that California has already demonstrated to be a failure.
Sponsors: Walen, Valdez, Orwall, Kilduff, Thai, Chapman, Peterson, Davis, Doglio, Ramel, Tharinger, Pollet, Cody, Ormsby, Robinson
By Request: Attorney General

HB 1374 ( ) would lead to a confusing patchwork of local laws, making it extremely difficult for even the most well-meaning, and otherwise law-abiding gun owners to avoid inadvertently becoming criminals.
Sponsors: Macri, Doglio, Jinkins, Ormsby, Cody, Fey, Robinson, Slatter, Davis, Frame, Stanford, Dolan, Fitzgibbon, Appleton, Riccelli, Valdez, Santos

HB 1315 ( ) would impose more onerous government red tape and further training to obtain a Concealed Pistol License. Training requirements are yet another cost prohibitive measure intended to ensure that lower income Americans are barred from defending themselves.
Sponsors: Lovick, Jinkins, Ryu, Senn, Goodman, Kilduff, Bergquist, Kloba, Stanford, Davis, Walen, Pollet
Companion Bill: SB 5174 ( )
Sponsors: Palumbo, Pedersen
Note: "Guy Palumbo quits state Senate to become lobbyist for Amazon" ( )

It should be no surprise that all of the sponsors for these hideous bills have a (D) after their name. They are also being pushed by our Attorney General and Governor. Please don't vote for a Democrat unless they have a proven track record of protecting our Second Amendment rights, and fully support and protect our rights to hunt and fish; the rest of them will take away our rights and freedoms and turn Washington into a Socialist state.

Please pass this on to others and encourage them to take action.

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Thanks For Posting :tup:

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I love the BFRO!!!
I wonder how many people will touch their nose to their screen trying to read this...

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Link to voice your opinion

Please immediately take action here to OPPOSE these and other bills attacking your rights.
Keep the wind in your hair, and the sun at your back.

A gun is a tool, Marion, no better or no worse than any other tool, an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.

"Mighty hunter, yes?
Fine figure of a man, yes?
That is all you need to know."


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DONE! :bash: :bash:

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Are any of these bill sponsors from or related to anyone from California?
If let's send them back there!

When guns are outlawed the only outlaws will have guns!
The same with ammo!
The same with personal liberties

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Let's see if anyone shows up I know I will be there.

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Let's see if anyone shows up I know I will be there.

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Here's a video of today's hearing:


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