Author Topic: Another Mule deer study  (Read 4788 times)

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Re: Another Mule deer study
« Reply #45 on: January 26, 2021, 12:00:26 PM »
I was over there this weekend. All you have to do is drive from Pateros up to Twisp and look at the side hills. There has been plenty of snow over there to push the deer down lower. Problem is there is very few deer. Thus you see very few deer trails in the snow. It doesn't take a special study of the migration routes to see where the deer travel in as much snow is there is now. The deer I seen were in peoples yards and close to the town of Twisp. This year there is no helicopter survey so they have the Bio's driving around counting deer. Am I missing something? 
What they are really doing is checking how much the Wolves have affected the migration Patterns of old compared to what we have today. They have known the Migration trails and patterns for decades.
You have to have deer of a amount greater than what there is to do the study then. When the deer stay in town or close to houses its easy to say study done no wolf impacts. So when the deer stay close (mostly does captured) to the houses and are killed by cougars, yotes, cars(used to be major in the Methow now not so much) you get the same thing study done or inconclusive due to lack of data. It would be much easier if you were going to do the study you mentioned is to use the already collared wolves and see their migration as they go where the deer do. I am just tired of these tax payer studies that come to the same BS conclusion of no impact. 

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Re: Another Mule deer study
« Reply #46 on: January 27, 2021, 12:59:26 PM »
Friend of mine here on H-W said he talk to a biologist at one of the wolf meetings, the biologist told him they wanted to drop the ungulate herds by 80% using wolves-predators. He also said they will ruin the migration, he is being proven right.

The propaganda message that habitat is the problem shows it to be pure BS even more so today, due to the loss of deer and more habitat than we have ever had. Deer are surviving the on slaughter of predators by living in town or close to homes and even along the busy county roads, meanwhile the few out in the brush are scattered far and wide, eventually ending up in predator scat.

WDF&Predators along with their partners, the Fake Environment groups are seeing their plans come to fruition.


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