Author Topic: Now that it snowed they need to lock up Watt Canyon  (Read 11899 times)

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Re: Now that it snowed they need to lock up Watt Canyon
« Reply #240 on: December 04, 2019, 02:48:35 PM »
This thread is doing nothing but splitting this forum in two and I wouldn't be at all surprised if many of our Native members are feeling maligned. I'm out. This is going nowhere. Have a nice day all.

NOT!  They don't feel maligned.  They are to busy elk hunting to care! 

Ok, that is probably over the line.  I am sure that the tribes have plenty of guys and gals that want to do what is right.  But even so, they don't want as a group to put any guidelines or reasonable limits that would stop any of their over the top behavior.
Its true that a few are doing major damage to OUR herds, these threads do Not need to be locked because some might get their feelings hurt!!  These type of threads should be brought up daily till we finally get some results, Iím not under the dilution that just talking on here can do anything, but if itís the hottest subject, mods should let it continue.  I think locals need to do a better job at getting videos and pictures of the same trucks killing multiple elk/deer, it would be my obsession if I lived closer. 
ďIn common withĒ..... not so much!!

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Re: Now that it snowed they need to lock up Watt Canyon
« Reply #241 on: December 12, 2019, 07:28:11 PM »
Gates are being closed in the morning


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