Author Topic: Looking for anyone to advise on a Complete DEF delete  (Read 3074 times)

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Re: Looking for anyone to advise on a Complete DEF delete
« Reply #45 on: October 08, 2020, 03:55:32 PM »
Update on fuel economy changes for those interested.
Fueled up when left home and topped off when got back.
Now Winthrop to Chelan is not exactly highway driving and what one would say is average driving but used to get around 17+/- mpg, using actual gallons used today, averaged 22.6, using Cc when I could, so might not seem like a big increase to some but 5 mpg is satisfactory considering only changes made to truck were the deleting the PDF and EGR and installing an EZ LYNK tuner, I'M fairly happy with the increase.
The kit I used has no major increase in exhaust noise, a concern of some and when hammering down on the throttle no cloud of black smoke

Rolling coal would be more apt to happen with a hotter tune. Crank it up if you can and jump on it. See what happens.

most of these aftermarket tunes can really crank up the power, unfortunately the OEM transmissions installed are not rated.. there are lots of BAD things that can come from "cranking up".. reading about this,  recommended no more than +50 HP without transmission high pressure pumps and programming mods to support , which is another rabbit hole to go down..

I agree.  I wasn’t sure if he was surprised at no smoke or what. Assume he’s running a fairly stock tune, which is probably what is best for the longevity of the truck.

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Re: Looking for anyone to advise on a Complete DEF delete
« Reply #46 on: October 09, 2020, 04:30:53 PM »
Black "Coal" isnt 100% sign of power.  It is a sign of unburnt fuel, a dirty tune.  Good tuning doesnt smoke like that.  Actually very little smoke.  It is good thing to not smoke coal, so to speak.  That said many hot tunes do smoke black due to turbo not keeping up or extra fuel being used to help cool egt temps.  So it is a 2 headed beast in many ways.  My 06 had an aggressive Quadzilla tuning system when I purchased it.  It made stupid power, pinged and shuddered and went like a train, rolling coal!  Forget about looking in the rear view mirror.  I removed it.  Anarchy Diesel Phil wrote me custom tunes based on all performance mods done on truck.  Wow.  Power still there mostly, no smoke, pinging etc.  Smooth n clean with safety parameters.  Spool maxed at 38psi instead of 46psi.  Egts defueled around 1350degrees.  It was a good example of tuned correctly imop.   Now I have 2020 cummins.  I have no intention of tuning it.  Why?  It does great, 1000lb plenty of power. Quiet as church mouse. :tup:
MAGA!  Again..


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