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Here is a list of some of the organizations that fight for our rights and freedoms related to hunting and firearms.  Please join and support them; they are the best way for us to be informed and work as a united front.

National Rifle Association (NRA)

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

Sportsmen's Alliance (Formerly U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance)

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     Business memberships:

     Outfitter Memberships:

     Club memberships:

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     Join the Sportsmen's Alliance - Watch the video

Gun Owners of America (GOA)

Safari Club International (SCI)

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Hunting Works For Washington
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  thanks for the info.  would it be correct to add the rmef and mdf to this list?  mike w

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Thanks for the list js.

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Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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  thanks for the info.  would it be correct to add the rmef and mdf to this list?  mike w

The organizations originally listed were those that have been up front and center fighting for our rights and freedoms; there are probably more.  They have kept us informed of nearly every piece of state and national legislation that affects our right to keep and bear arms, and to hunt.  Most of them provide fast and easy methods for all of us to communicate with our representatives in support or opposition to pending legislation. 

RMEF and MDF are good conservation organizations that have similar positions on hunting and wolves.  There are also many others that deserve similar recognition. 

Perhaps a separate list of notable conservation organizations would help the people in this forum to connect with groups of their interest. These might be national and state organizations that support and promote hunting, trapping, and wildlife management guided by sound and unbiased science.  We are also experiencing many issues with wolves in Washington and several other states.  Conservation organizations should be aligned with the use of sound and unbiased science to manage wolves and promote wolf management by the individual state wildlife agencies.  The preferred tools for wolf management should be state regulated hunting and trapping.

For example:

Hunting is conservation.


“Hunting Is Conservation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is encouraging everyone who supports hunting to take greater pride in our legacy. Hunters and anglers were among the first crusaders for conservation and we remain today’s most important conservation leaders.”

“Man has hunted since he walked the Earth. Every early culture relied on hunting for survival.”

“Simply put, the United States has the most successful wildlife management system in the world. Hunters and anglers have contributed more financial and physical support to that system than any other group of individuals.”


“MDF also believes that promoting the hunting heritage is a key ingredient to furthering our conservation objectives.”



“In keeping with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, RMEF supports state-regulated hunting and trapping as the preferred tools of wolf management. RMEF staunchly supports aggressive management to balance and control wolf populations.”

MDF (Select wolves)

“It is the position of the MDF that the gray wolf in the northern Rocky Mountains is delisted as soon as possible and their management is transferred to the State Fish and Wildlife agencies.”
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Good stuff, thank you.

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I noticed that the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is not on this list and found only two mentions of the organization in a Forum search. I wanted to make sure the good HW folks are aware of this organization. I'm not affiliated with them but I follow what they're doing a bit and FPC is doing some of the best work out there for gun rights especially in the legal realm.

For example, I believe their legal team is preparing to challenge the "high-capacity" magazine ban here in WA.

No party politics and cronyism like some of the other organizations out there. A very no-nonsense organization. Please consider supporting or at least following their work!

Their mission statement is below:
    Establish a regulatory environment in which every individual adult in the United States who is not prohibited from exercising rights under an analysis consistent with the Constitution’s text, informed by American history and tradition, can:
        Acquire and possess (“keep”) all bearable arms in "common use for lawful purposes":
            Including but not limited to semi-automatic handguns, rifles, and shotguns regulated as “assault weapons”;
            Firearm magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds;
            Blades; and,
            Other defensive arms.
        Carry (“bear”) loaded, operable arms on their person and in their vehicles, in public, for self-defense and all lawful purposes;
        Personally build (self-manufacture) arms, including by and through the acquisition and possession of the tools, information/files, and materials/supplies to do so; and,
        Protect the resources, markets, and conduct essentials to the above.
    Expand young peoples’ understanding and adoption of the philosophy of natural rights and private property, and the adoption and lawful use of the right to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, and other essential liberties to maximize preservation and expansion of freedom in future generations.
    Establish clear protections against prohibition and/or seizure of personal property, as well as unjust incarceration for the exercise of fundamental rights.
    Opportunistically leverage changing cultural, political, and legal environments to achieve tactical victories and divert enemy resources (i.e., funding and personnel) away from strategically critical areas to reduce enemy effectiveness.
    Upon achieving all of the above, establish a new vision and strategic objectives consistent with the Organization’s Purpose and expanded field of operation.

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Please stop lining the pockets of Wayne LaPierre @ the NRA and commit your funds to FPC or GOA

Unless you enjoy your hard earned dollars going to trips to the Bahamas and the salaries of do nothing executives @ the NRA.


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