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Author Topic: Did anyone draw Multi-Season Elk last year? - Lost My Points - Need Advice  (Read 3167 times)

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I was going to apply for multi-season elk this year, after figuring out how to get in the new account system I saw that my points said zero!  :yike:

So I called and emailed WDFW a few times but got no real answer to the situation, sort of got the "I don't know why answer" from everyone I talked to. Finally I called again and got to a manager.  I explained that last year I had got a post card that said I drew, then I got another post card that said I didn't draw, so I didn't do anything. According to this manager I had drawn and the WDFW system accidentally mailed out the second post card to everyone that drew and it was a mistake. He says I had to contact them last year to get my points back. I told him I need my points back, it's too late in life I won't be able to build enough points to draw while I can still get around fairly good. The uncaring manager didn't give a rip, that's policy he said.

I've been mad about this for a week or so and hadn't decided what to do if anything? I've considered writing the legislators and the WDFW directors office and telling them this is a prime example of why people are mad at WDFW. I have not applied for anything yet this year and just may not apply ever again, I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of writing anyone, they probably don't care anyway, that seems to be the WDFW way?

Then I got to wondering if anyone on here had drawn multi-season elk and got the post card saying they didn't draw when they did draw and what happened?
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Here is a thread about invalid MS results and letters from WDFW from last season. I do remember reading about this. I am sorry for your troubles, I hope you get your points back! I wouldn't blame you at all for turning your back on WDFW if they don't make it right. It must be a difficult choice to make after participating for so long. I really hope it works out for you!,195713.0.html
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Ugh!  Sorry to hear, Dale.  I wonder if getting your rep involved would help move things along.

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Arent the gamies constantly listening in. Maybe they can step in

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Dale, did you buy your multi elk tag last year?  If you didn't and the letter was definitely confusing, I see it as a no brainier for wdfw to give you your points back?  If that's the case, I'd be calling more people in fish and game.
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What did your draw results say when you looked at them online last year?

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From the sounds of it, this is 100% their fault.  You trusted the system and it failed you.  IF they had sent out another card, email, or phone call, saying the second card was a mistake, than I can see them having a case.  If not, than they didn't do enough to make things right and give you a legit chance to purchase your tag. 
This years spring bear is a good example of this.  It was said that we need to use the email or post cards as proof of being selected or not, this is exactly what you did, again, the system failed you.
I'd push them.  See how high up you can get and if needed use your standing as an outfitter and owner of this site as clout.
If not for your own reasons, as a way to show them that sportsman won't stand for this sort of treatment from a department that works for, and is funded by our tax dollars.

I hope you get them back.  It would go a long way for the department as positive PR

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I checked online last year and it said "SELECTED"
I bought my multi tag soon after and received the card AFTER buying my tag.  I kept it, and hunted.

I'm not saying this is on you, and the onlyyyy reason i knew they sent those cards out in error was because I spend far too much of my time at night on the forum. 
They should have fixed the issue last year and not left it to us, the consumer, to wade through their mistake.
Sorry this happened. how many points did you have when you drew last year?

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I did draw a multi season tag last year(Elk) and I do not recall getting a second card in the mail.
Not sure what to tell you as far as the WDFW not willing to give you your points back. Unfortunately sometimes things are left up to us to figure out, like we should all be scouring the internet to see if anything has changed or if there has been problems with "the system" . I wish the fish and game would be a little better about sending out notifications Via e mail or posting alerts on their wed page.
My advice would be Don't give up on you Multi season tag! don't let our officials keep you from getting out there and enjoying hunting! Take advantage of the outdoors and hunting while we still can. Believe it or not these are the good ol days........
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Ridiculous.  You didn't purchase the tag last year which means you took WDFW's word (via the post card) that you did not draw. It was they're mistake, not yours.  They should not bat an eye, do the right thing, and re-instate your points! 
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What wdfw should do is allow the permit to be purchased this year. If they refuse to do that, the least they could do is reinstate the points.  :twocents:
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What wdfw should do is allow the permit to be purchased this year. If they refuse to do that, the least they could do is reinstate the points.  :twocents:
That would be the quickest and best solution to this problem.  And it is only MS permit, seems like a no brainer.

Really sorry this happened to you.
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WDFW is terrible.

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"what WDFW should do"................LOL...................Now there is a mouthful!!!

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This is absolute BS and I'm fuming with you right now. With that said, you might have a property right in those points. I view the system as a contract. We put in the money and if we don't get drawn then our chances increase via the point system the next year. We promise them our money, they return a promise that we will have an ever increasing chance to draw.You may want to talk to a lawyer around where you live and see if you have a claim. Find a lawyer who does contract work--they will know how to approach this.

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When things like this happen to me and I'm told "sorry you're out of luck" I just call back later, get a different person on the line and try again. I just keep doing this until someone on the other end does what I'm asking.. This happened to me just last week with the cable company took 4 seperate calls.. Piece of cake. It's almost like a game, but in the end 90% of the time I win.. A little salesmanship on your end will go a long ways as well. Good luck and let us know how this ends up!

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I drew it this year and have not gotten a post card yet

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What a load of crap.  I am not surprised by the answer since none of the employees have any accountability, but still what a crock.  I am sorry.  Go down the Spokane Valley office rip one of those pinheads in person.  People are very brave behind a phone.

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Do you still have the "NOT SELECTED" post card from last year??  If so that would make it real easy to get your points back.  If not, sounds like you got screwed....this happened to me the very first year of multi season, luckily it was just one point I got screwed out of.  (think it was the year they did the redraw). 

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This is just another example of the WDFW messing up. They are the laughing stock of Fish and Game departments across the country. Once I draw my tags (if I draw) :chuckle:. I will be focusing my efforts out of state!


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When things like this happen to me and I'm told "sorry you're out of luck" I just call back later, get a different person on the line and try again. I just keep doing this until someone on the other end does what I'm asking.. This happened to me just last week with the cable company took 4 seperate calls.. Piece of cake. It's almost like a game, but in the end 90% of the time I win.. A little salesmanship on your end will go a long ways as well. Good luck and let us know how this ends up!


I would continue to keep pushing it higher up the chain of command, They can and should give your points back, possibly even up to 2 extra points for "pain & suffering" (for a lack of better ways to describe it)  :chuckle:
I was given extra points in the antlerless moose category for pointing out a mistake they made.

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Sounds to me like they could be liable for emotional damages caused by fraudulent information.  Maybe a letter from a lawyer could do you and all of us some good.

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Years ago when I was around 22 I thought I would start applying for all sorts of special permits. Thought about it. Decided to only apply for moose and second deer and not give any more money to this game department than I have to and when I can find people who will hunt Idaho with me for elk go there. Hopefully moving to Idaho even in the next few years to ditch this state all together.

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Unless they sent the second card "Certified Mail" there is absolutely no way they can know if you actually got it or not.  It would never hold up in a court of law.  You should demand and get your points back!  This is bogus for sure!!!
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I would absolutely contact your state senator and write a letter to the wildlife manager and the director. Squeek a lot and you'll get greased.
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